Monday, August 1, 2011

And now she is 4!

Her birthday started a few days early cause Grandma and Grandpa came over on Thursday to give her gifts since they would be out of town over the weekend.
Her very own mini colored pencil set, she loves it.

Lolly pops and a Tinkerbell rainbow hat. My goodness she looks cute.

Then Saturday I got up early to set up for her party. I used stuff left over from my in-laws 50th and some stuff I picked up off the Target Valentines clearance section.

And treats left over from Elliot's birthday party (thanks Kayleen)

Connie came early to help me (as usual) and spoiled Gracie (as usual) by giving her an extra birthday present early.

Princess paper dolls, oh my.

Once the guests arrived we did story telling with shadow puppets. This kids seemed to enjoy doing this (the girls more than the boys).

So I was going to make a cake, but it was not turning out so good so I ran to basha's and picked up a cake, took the flowers off and added a rainbow. Actually Connie added the rainbow while I showered. Did I mention Russ was fishing? Russ was fishing.

Gracie wanted pizza so I said sure, easy enough.

She opened gifts. I asked the guests not to bring gifts cause I knew once she got some from Russ, William, Grandparents, Connie, and I she would have plenty. And she did get plenty.

Grandma Huston made her a purple ruffle skirt and got her Aladdin figures.

Connie got her Tangled. No one loves figurines like Gracie.

How stinkin' cute is little miss Presley with her hands on her hips?!

What is this toy? Well, I don't know. I found it at a thrift store, but it has a rainbow (all she asked for was Tangled toys and a rainbow toy) and looks perfect to stage her new toys on. I also got her a wooden rainbow toy that she and I still need to paint.

She also expressed wanting a floating pool toy, so she got a raft.
After that we headed out to the pool, but there are enough pictures of that for it's own post.


  1. so.stinkin'.cute! oh my gosh! I love love love the puffy ball birthday girl background! What an adorable little 4 year old! Happy Birthday Gracie!

  2. Debbie, will you just adopt me? I want to be part of your family SO STINKIN BAD!



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