Wednesday, May 21, 2014

More sickness

This picture was taken one day when Russ was sick. Don't ask me what was wrong cause I don't really remember. It could have been a stomach bug or fever. Who knows because through the month of April, May, and part of June there was always someone in our home that was sick. Joseph didn't seem to mind that Dad could just lay down and watch a movie with him. 

A few days latter William and Gracie both woke up with a fever. I gave Gracie some medicine and she felt a little better and the fever went down but later in the day she was taking a nap and I went to take her tempereature and it said it was 105. William had something around that so I decided to take them both to the ER. I wish I hadn't because we ended up paying about $300 for them to tell us to give them Motrin and Tylenol. Oh and Gracie had an ear infection that we got antibiotics for. I am glad they were okay and luckily they got better in the next couple of days. 

Mama and Papa Christensen came to help me with Joseph and Louise. They ended up trading me cars and took them home, but I forgot to get their keys so I ended up having to ride in the back of Russ truck. It felt so weird to be doing that. Luckily it was only for a couple miles but what a strange couple miles it was.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers Day 2014

Mother's Day started with William getting dropped off after him one day Disneyland trip with his 4-h club. Below is the only picture I have. He got to meet Mickey! He wasn't feeling well so he came home and just slept and slept. The dog we were sitting, Thor, was happy to see him but not so happy that all he wanted to do was sleep. 

Gracie let me braid her hair and it is long enough for one braid!

Mother's Day in the mothers room. Church had nice messages and cheesecake:)

Gracie made me a sweet card. She had Connie get her the candies and she glued the bag in with a glue stick. 
Connie came and joined us for dinner 
Gracie made a flower out if her French toast 
We got to use our new piggy platter 
William made a fire out of his French toast
We ended the night with a game of pictionary. Joseph drew a sun and HAD to draw all the lines.

I really liked Gracie's TRex 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Dad is best

While cleaning out the sewing room I found these nice little pictures during on on the doorframe. I usually don't let things like that bother me I know they don't really mean it and are just mad at me for something ridiculous. But I was already having a particularly frustrating day with my children. You were not getting along they were getting upset with me for asking them to do jobs and I was getting upset because I had no help to do so many things that I need to get done. I was frustrated and just wanted to go back to bed. But later that night as I saw what is pictured below happening in our front yard I realize no wonder they like the best.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Cinco de Mayo

It's a good thing we had people over for Cinco de Mayo so I could have my favorite Carne Asada tacos and I could get these videos of the guys doing the "Slam a Gogurt" challenge.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Inspiring art

I had the amazing opportunity to go to my friend Beth painting class. It was her first one we spent time mixing colors on the color will I love that. So relaxing for me to just make the colors of paint brush that I don't even know that it actually need to paint anything. In fact I didn't, I had a really hard time committing to putting anything down on canvas.

I did however take a picture of one of my favorite pieces of Beth's that I would like to try and copy. I feel like I need to try painting other paintings before I try painting actual things.

Before I went to the class I told the kids that I was going to go and they had a lot of questions for me about it. I explain to them that I've taken art in high school and really enjoyed it and just never found time for it since (or made time for it). I told them about how I do a self-portrait wireless Hyskell by looking in a mere. The next morning after my painting class I woke up to find that Gracy had looked in the mirror to draw her phone self-portrait. Isn't it amazing?

Joseph decided to do a self-portrait too.
I also bought a couple of prints of Beth's. They are both paintings of the Savior and I love them so much. When I brought them home William was so enamored with them. He would show them to everyone at would come over and he was even inspired enough to draw a picture of his own.

I was also inspired to put a picture of it as my phone screen to help remind me to use the power of my Savior in my everyday life. It has helped. I am amazed how even just regular stresses of the day become easier when I call on him for help. 

I love the way we can inspire each other. 


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