Monday, April 28, 2008

Another spring break

Russ and I went down to the valley last weekend so that we could go tot he temple, but we didn't end up going because the kids and I got sick. This was not as bad as it has been in the past because I was at my moms and Russ was there. The sad part is that I didn't want to go home with us being sick so Russ went home alone, which always makes me cry. He left early Tuesday morning and came back Thursday night so it wasn't too bad. So here is a re-cap of a very eventful and fun (even if we were sick) week.
Gracie found a new hangout under the chairs.
Williams cousin and one of his best buds brought a rocket over. William apparently had no idea what a rocket was or what is would do. This was his immediate reaction...
...followed by running a couple yards away and then turning around confused as to why no one else was running for their lives.After analyzing the situation and some comforting words from him mother he decided it was okay to laugh at the whole thing.

We stopped by mt parents block party to see the fire truck which William really enjoyed but cried a lot because he wanted to drive in it.Then that night Connie, my mom and I threw a tea party for my sister in law Alison. She was turning 20:) and since she has been watching Jane Austen movies and enjoying them so much we decided to have a tea party. It was so fun. Only one sister in law was missing and I really enjoyed being with everyone.Soon after I got the table set Gracie threw up all over Russ and all over the floor (and left a huge puddle of puke in Russ' shoe). Russ told me to take a picture and this is the face Gracie made when she saw the camera.Luckily she felt better after that and then went to sleep so we could have a nice tea party.

Our Elizabeth paper doll Gracie got herself in a nice predicament between the two pianos. Why the two pianos, you ask? Because Russ brother and his wife's neighbors were going to get rid of theirs and they brought it here for us. I can't believe how lucky we are.
They warned me when they called us and when they gave it to us that is was old, like that is a bad thing. Pop quiz: if there were two free pianos sitting side by side, one 2 years old and the other 100 years old which one would Debbie take? If you said the 100 year old you are right.

And there she is, my 100 year old *free* piano. Thanks Don and Mindy for thinking of us. I can't wait until we have room for her to live with us.
Washing the carAnd spraying down the garageGracie's first pony tail! William wanted one too.Gracie's Pop-eye faceThere is actually a few more things, but I will save them for later.

The newest members of our family

When we wanted potty training William we would bribe him with all sorts of stuff. One of those things was fish. We told him that if he would go poo on the potty he could bring fish home. Well he wouldn't do it and when he was finally potty trained he had forgotten about it and I breath a sigh of relief. Until last week when we were at Wal-mart and he remembered. So there I was with the two kids trying to figure out all that we needed. Luckily a fish expert Wal-mart employee came to my aid. William picked out two orange fish and no surprise their names are Marlin and Nemo. After Russ got home we went and exchanged the tank that I got for a bigger one (they were the same price) and got one more fish. I forget what they are called. I call them sucker fish (the kind that clean the tank). First William wanted to name him Gootie Gootie Gootie then changed it to Tree Life. We convinced him to name him Poo Peter after Peter Pan (a new found love of Williams) and after his main function. The tank is kinda sparse right now but we will gradually work on that. I want to get an awesome sunken ship to go in it but I don't think I will find what I am looking for.

I am not sure who is more excited about them-Russ or William. Gracie really likes them too and I like it a lot too. A low maintenance pet and it is just relaxing to watch them. They didn't even die when went out of town. Sha-veet! (That's for you Mimi!)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dressing Oneself

I have been seeing a lot of this since William had been potty trained and dressing himself. Most the time I don't say anything because I don't want him to feel bad. If others are going to see him that may something then I might suggest we changes some things.

Whenever I see him like this I can't help but sing "Mac Daddy'll make you Jump! Jump!"

I LOVE that he is potty trained.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Old news

Here are some pictures from the last few weeks that I never posted for one reason or another. I have decided that they are post worthy so here they are.
Rub-a-dub-dub two cuties in a tub

Are you talking to me?

Here is Gracie just chillin' on Mama and occasionally eating her toes.

She thinks she is such hot stuff

Cheerio bum

Inbetween Conference

This Conference was so wonderful. I can tell I am getting older because after every session was over I would say, "that's it, it's already over?". In between sessions on Sunday we took some peanut butter and jelly sandwich's to the duck pond and had a lovely picnic. It would have been perfect if it wasn't so windy.
Gracie loves sitting on her dads shoulders. She loves sitting on William's too and I need to get a picture of that because it is really cute.

William loves throwing sticks in the water and it was so windy part of the time that no matter how hard he threw them, they would not go in the water.

William also spent a lot of time jumping at a swarm of gnats trying to catch them saying, "come on guys, we have something to do." I am sure that is from a movie, but I have no idea what.

He finally did catch some.

My favorite talk in conference was by Elder Ballard. Loved it. You can read it here.
And I loved being able to sustain the new prophet, what a wonderful man he is.

Geez Spring Break was long

So now that that is over with here are some more recent pictures...Like an hour or two ago.
Rub-a-dub-dub two chub-a-lubs in the tub (I know my kids aren't chubby, I just like to pretend). They would give each other kisses too, but I couldn't catch it on camera. I love watching William and Gracie together. I can't even describe how happy it makes me.

Gracie started pulling herself up on stuff and she thinks she is such hot stuff...until she falls. This picture was of the beginnings and now she is standing next to anything she can reach.

Cheerio bum and soft, squishy thighs

This is how Gracie was sitting on me after her nap. She would just smile... and then eat her toes.

and I don't know if I can put Gracie in tights much longer because she does this. And could care less about William telling her "no".

Being a mom is STRESSFUL and HARD but oh, so worth it. I love these little guys, even the very defiant three year old.

Oh yeah, here is a picture of my kiddos on actual Easter Sunday. We had a lovely chirch meeting but it was bright outside when we got home and everyone was tierd and hungry. So basically the worst time to take pictures. I love Williams outfit because is features his favorite color: orange. And I made Gracie's dress (well, my mom hemmed it for me when I ran out of time and she made my matching dress that is not pictured, but lovely).

Sunday, April 6, 2008

I HATE apartments!

I know hate is a strong word, but I do I hate them. When I think of the many reasons I don't like them I try and put it out of my head and not think about it and be positive, but then something like tonight happens. I am sitting here minding my own bees wax and I hear a beeping noise. I ask Russ if it is coming from the tv and he says no. It is not to loud so I ignore it and soon it goes away. A few minutes later I smell smoke. Yep, they burned something in their kitchen and my eyes are still burning and hour later. Plus it stinks. These same people I can here going up their stairs and sometimes it sounds like someone is coming up my stairs and that really scares me. Here are some other reasons I hate living in apartments.
  • People don't like to pick up their dog poop. Even though there is a sign and bags for them to do so they don't. I don't have a dog because I don't want to deal with dog poop but I guess because I live in an apartment I have to. We have a neigh boor 2 doors down that always leaves dog outside (tied up) and after it poops brings it in and does nothing with the poop that is going all the way across the sidewalk. I witnessed this one day and later that night when I was going somewhere wrote "pick up your dog poop" with sidewalk chalk on their doorstep. It worked!
  • I love natural light so I want to have my windows open, but right in front of those windows is the sidewalk everyone walks down so it makes me feel weird. Huge lack of privacy and it drives me nuts.
  • they have crappy everything. Appliances, counters, you name it, it sucks.
  • Unless the carpet is new when you move in, it is gross.
  • Having your car so far away from your dwelling sucks, because when you have to carry and baby and groceries and lock the car and unlock the apartment door and go back for another load, it gets old real fast. Especially if there is snow.

I want my own house so bad! I dream about it ALL the time.

Spring Break day 8 - Huston Easter Picnic

For the past couple of years my family has met a Freestone park for an Easter Picnic. It is always so fun (and warm! are you kidding me? it's March!). The kids ride the rides and have an Easter Egg hunt. I always have a ton of pictures, here they are.
The Merry-Go-Round

Ferris Wheel

William's favorite - The Train

Flying Kites

Egg Hunt

Feeding the ducks

And just having a good ole' time

and here is Connie and I in our matching Easter shirts

It was such a great day.


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