Monday, January 30, 2012

Clownin' around

I had to post this (HAD to) because I saw that a friend had some just like them on her blog. Mother/daughter clown noses.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Shop Update

Just put some new dresses on Etsy
The purple one sold before I could even post this and will soon be on it's way to Italy. Sigh, I wish I was on my way to Italy.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

best birthday party

This last weekend  was a girls weekend for me but I decided to show up late for it on Friday because I didn't want to miss Kayleen's surprise 30th birthday party.
The is what the door looked like when you got there.
And they had all of her favorite foods. I didn't get a picture of the soft pretzels, but when I saw them it made me smile. Her friends know her so well (and love her so much, obviously).

Please notice the beef jerky:) I ate half the bowl of Swedish Fish.

The girls hard at work getting everything together. Sarah (who is in the glasses and also one of my favorite instagramers) came all the way from Kansas to surprise her. It was a good surprise.

While all the girls were in the kitchen the men could be found in the Arizona room

I never got a good picture of Kayleen at the party and I wish I had brought my real camera. This is her hugging Sarah.

And as Jaime predicted, she cried. 
The best part was the roast. I loved hearing stories about and seeing pictures of Kayleen. It made me love her even more and that was so fun to learn more about her childhood. I decided I want to do that for all my friends that I have now that I didn't know as kids.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

She asked

Gracie asked to make valentines cookies and I don't bake, but when she asks it is hard to say no.

So I pulled out our aprons and got to listen to her sing made up songs as we rolled the dough.

I am grateful for moments like these cause they make it easier to bare the times like last night when she argues and whines at everything I say. Everything.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Year at the cabin

New Years day we drove out to Phoenix to see my oldest brother be ordained an Elder. I actually didn't see it because Joseph decided to turn into a fog horn so I stepped outside. But it was wonderful to be there. After than we headed up to pine to spend some time with our friends Scott, Lynette, and their baby (and Gracie's new "best friend") Ellie at their families cabin. It was so nice to go and get away. The kids thought it was the best. All the pictures are out of order and I am in no mood to put them in order. Also all of the bright beautiful pictures came from Lynette (thanks).
Looking for even the smallest of snow patches

"William, trust me"

Oooh, it is slippery

The kids loved the stairs like crazy and William kept saying that he wished we had stairs at our house.

french toast for breakfast is tradition for these guys

what is cuter than babies in footie jammies? 

William found some snow and wanted to bring it home.

this boy loves being outside

breaking ice

back to the cabin

Scott and Lynette

baby Ellie, look at those big eyes!

This is me trying to convince Joseph to come sit by us to take a picture.

waking up in the morning

breakfast time

We learned on this trip that Gracie thinks "trust me" means "hold my hand". Now we always say trust me when we want the kids to hold our hand. It is too cute. Gracie also put a paper clip in her hair. Can you see it?

Joseph really did love Ellie they just didn't want to take this picture.

she stole everyone's heart

Thanks so much Scott and Lynette!


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