Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Shop Update

Just put some new dresses on Etsy
The purple one sold before I could even post this and will soon be on it's way to Italy. Sigh, I wish I was on my way to Italy.


  1. I want all of these! Too bad my middle figure body looks horrible in anything belted!!! But I can still apreciate pretty dresses!!!

  2. Let me know if that black one doesn't sell for some reason. I'd like to try it on. I just can't buy most clothing without trying it on first. This post-baby belly might not look so hot. :-/

  3. i want to try the black one on too! am i looking too desperate right now? i am.

  4. AH! I love, love, love that navy and white stripes and I love, love, love the color block dress. I think I'm going to order both...

  5. I was totally drawn to the purple one, too! Love em'!



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