Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 17 repair it!

I bought this shirt knowing the it plunged too low at the neck line and that I could easily fix it.

But just because I can easily fix it does not mean I will.

I am glad for this challenge cause I got the shirt out and it took less that 5 minutes to fix.

There is no way to show a close up of what I did without a close up of my chest. Sorry. I unstitched that swoopy thing from the inside, then stitched in-between the boobs to go higher. And then reattached the swoop thing higher on the inside. Success.
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Evening irrigation

Monday night we got irrigation at 6:30. We had already been swimming that day, but the kids really wanted to play in it. So I let them and I put Joseph in it for the first time.

He sat by my feet for a long time. It was awhile before he became adventurous.

The big kids getting their faces wet.

Joseph could only watch them for so long before he wanted to join.

William and Gracie would play a game where they would pull each other to the ground. It amazes me how such a small amount of water can make the ground seem soft to them. They were acting like they were on a trampoline.

William would put his hair in and then flip it back. 

Joseph wanted so badly to go to "the hole", but he listened and sat back.

But he would put his hands into the bubbling water. I am glad I let them play even thought they were covered in grass and it meant they did not get to bed until late because we also had family home evening.
Speaking of family home evening, Gracie and William love to conduct the opening songs. Gracie makes me laugh cause she usually ends each song in a pose. Like this one - 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August 25th

August 25th is a very special day because it is my bestie's birthday (she is also my sister, Connie).
This photo is the instagram I posted to wish her a happy birthday that morning. The kids sent her a heytell message on the way to drop William off at school (my kids love that app) and then we met Connie and my mom at Liberty Market.

Joseph got his breakfast there (mmmm goats milk)

Gracie dreaming over my moms cinnamon roll (that she shared with everyone).

Gracie and her best friend. I can't remember if I have put this on the blog yet. I probably did, but in case I didn't: one day Gracie asked me when she was going to grow up and if when she grew up she could move in with Connie.

Then we headed off to Last Chance for some shopping, but not before I had Connie take a picture of my outfit so I could post it in the outfit challenge thingy I am doing.

After some successful shopping (I found some comfy, high waisted, almost skinny, jeans!)  we headed to La Grande Orange for lunch and also so I could buy Connie a present.

She posted this Library kit on her "I need this" pinterest board and I had seen it (and almost bought it) the last time I was at LGO. 
Joseph was so sleepy, but having a hard time falling asleep. I noticed that if I started shaking his car seat he would doze off.

Like this.

When we went out to the car we noticed that the door on my moms van was wide open. We were wondering how we could be so dumb until we got in and tried to close it and it closed automatically and then automatically opened back up (a reoccurring problem for them and their cars).

Later that night our whole family went to dinner with Connie and Mimi. The kids were getting super restless so Russ took them to play in the water sprayers under the Gilbert water tower. They had a blast and came back to show me how wet they were. They look like they are getting in trouble in this picture, but that is not the case.
After that Russ took the kids home and put them to bed and I got to visit with Connie and Mimi and that was a lot of fun. I really like talking with them and I had not seen Mimi in awhile. I hope Connie had a good birthday. Her party was still to come...

Day 16 menswear

This is Russ' shirt. It is very cool and comfy and I think it is mine now:)

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 15 - a new hairdo

This one was kinda tough for me since I have short-ish, curly hair. I will definitely be on the lookout for more ideas.

So while it is not all that impressive it is better than what it I usually do (which is nothing). This challenge was definitely welcome.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 14 - copy cat

Today I am supposed to copy an outfit from a blog or magazine, so I went to my style board on pinterest and this is what I chose...


And this is how I did it...

Using my remix shirt!

I really like this outfit, but I think maybe this skirt would be better if it was a bit shorter.

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Day 13

Neutral with a pop of color. I hope my skinny little belt counts as a pop.

I bought this dress at my first basement sale from Angela of seesaw designs.

It has a belt made of the same fabric as the dress and I like that but I think I liked wearing a colored belt with it more.

I had a great weekend with two parties and lots of friends. It was great. Now it is time to start preparing for the busy months ahead. Things won't slow down for awhile.
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Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 12 Dressing up jeans

So I dressed up my jeans with a cardigan as a shirt and a belt. 
I am mainly just happy about these new jeans I got at last chance yesterday. 

They are high waisted (no one is happier about this new trend than me) and soft and comfy. And I think they are cute. I can't wait to wear them all winter long.

Yesterday night I was out to dinner with Connie and Mimi for Connie's birthday and we got to talking about what has been keeping Mimi so busy.
Have you seen the Mormon Bachelorette?
Mimi has been editing for it and doing a wonderful job. She told me about this seasons first date and how they went to Liberty Market (where we ourselves were eating) and skateland (where I was on Wednesday night). I went home and watched it and ended up watching like 5 episodes (they are short, like under 10 minutes). It was funny and sometimes painful to watch (dating is just weird), and I am excited to get caught up and see who she picks. Did you know the couple from season one actually got married? I will admit that I was surprised it worked. If you want to watch season three and talk about it with me, I won't complain.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 11

Wear a skirt or dress. Easy for me. I wear skirts all the time. Today I am wearing my remix shirt and my latest thrift store find. A wrap around skirt and it is green and has pockets. Pretty much perfect for me.

Right now I am in the car heading out to Last Chance for shopping with my mom and Connie (and my kids). Today is all about Connie cause today she has been living for 30 years!!! It is crazy to me how all of a sudden 30 is not old. At all. Before I know it I will be saying that about 80.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 10 - A closet orphan

This shirt is my closet orphan. I don't even remember the last time I wore it, but I can't get rid of it because I love it! My sweet sister in law got it for me because it reminded her of me and she was right. I rarely wear it because it has become a bit snug. Especially over the hips. 
It just goes straight down and doesn't go over jeans, it would just ride up. But now that I have learned I can tuck things in, I can wear it.

Here is an unfiltered picture of the print. I really love the tiny green flowers and the big brown buttons. 
I am so happy to have saved this closet orphan. I will definitely wear it more often. 
I also realized that when most people take pictures of their outfits they say where things came from. Let me just say right now that this is one of the only 3 shirts I own that were purchased new and not thrifted. And I think I only have one pair of pants and 2 dresses that were not thrifted, but they were bought long ago when I sometimes shopped the Banana Republic sales (they are all from there). So most everything you see is from a thrift store.
I really love doing this challenge. Already it has increased my closet options by like 50. I am thinking of things I never would have before. I am tired of taking pictures of myself. There is way too much of me going on on this blog right now. Bear with me.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 9 monochromatic

I actually had two outfits today. I don't really count the first one, but I was going to be running errands all morning and I knew it would be hot. So wore a pretty blue outfit ( pun intended).

At least it was cool temperature wise.
Tonight I went to have an interview to have my temple recommend renewed.

I wore all green. I love green. I also love having temple recommend interviews. I love having the opportunity to say what I believe. I love knowing what I believe and I love that I can go to the temple.

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