Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Each day is a gift

My sister in law is friends with someone who recently lost their baby in a bath time accident and she asked me to help put a couple scrapbook pages to go in the guest book at the funeral. I don't know the particualrs, but I do know she was about a month younger than Joseph. 
This was kind of hard to do. I kept looking at the pictures and comparing them to my baby.

My heart hurts so bad for her parents. I can only imagine what it would feel like to not have Joseph here with us anymore and just imagining it hurts me to tears. 

I know we are on this earth to learn and grow through trial and experience. Can I tell you that if I had to pick what I think the hardest trial is - it is loosing a child or not being able to have one that you want so badly. A mothers arms (any woman) should not be empty.

I am grateful that I got the opportunity to do this. It made me step back and realize I want the bottles that crowd my counters and the crums that rule my kitchen floor. I want to put a baby down for a nap unsucessfully 5 times a day. 

I want to make baby food and scour all the floors in my house for choke-ables because I want him here. I need to not complain about the small stuff cause it is the price I pay to have him and it is not a high price at all.

There is a blog that has information about this sweet little girl along with a place to donate funds to help pay for the funeral.
each day is a gift. Don't forget, don't forget, don't forget.


  1. Debbie, those pages turned out AMAZING! You are so sweet to help Charity with that. The last page with the butterflies made me cry from some reason? When I heard about this babies death, it slapped me into reality. My life isn't what I would wish for myself, but after her death, I couldn't wish for a better life. I am so so blessed!

  2. I am once again crying over the loss of someone else's baby, Debbie. I absolutely agree with everything you said in this post. "A mothers arms (any woman) should not be empty", indeed. And, "I need to not complain about the small stuff cause it is the price I pay to have him and it is not a high price at all." I just cannot even begin to imagine the pain. It is painful just to hear or read about things like this.

  3. I was going to comment on how much I loved your bio and describing your love for your kids - then I read this. Wow. What a beautiful thing to do for this mom. Thinking of her.



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