Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Our new family room

For our anniversary my mom and Connie both watched William and Gracie so Russ, and I could enjoy having our house to ourselves. And getting some work done. This was the empty room before hand (not a very good before picture).
We spent a lot of time sorting, cleaning and moving and now we have a functioning family room. It is not finished, but we love it. I can't wait for things to be all the way done, but that will have to wait.

Morning isn't the best time of day to take pictures in this room, but I was excited and you get the idea.

This dresser is not going to stay here. It goes in my sewing room, but is being used here until we can find the perfect (cheap) credenza or dresser. And then someday we would like to get a new TV. Someday.
And I really need to make some curtains, but I think I have all the fabric I need for that, I just need to find the time.


  1. And, of course, Harry Potter on the screen. :)

  2. it looks awesome! I love it! do you still have that floral suitcase for sale and those cool old school posters?? I think I may want them. Oh- and if you have any fabric that you think would be good for 1. perry the platypus (green knit)2. sally or jack from nightmare before Christmas or 3. raggedy ann
    I would be happy to take it off your hands. It was fun to see you today!!



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