Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A date with Gracie

Yesterday Gracie and I went on a date because she got 15 stickers on her job chart (they get a sticker if they do their 3 daily jobs without whining). We went to get shaved ice and to the library to sit and read. She could have stayed all day.

YouTube Video

I love my phone. It is so nice to be able to take pictures and video of little moments and not make a big deal about it. And THEN compile them into a little movie, all on my phone. I do hope to get better at making the videos. I realize this one is not great, but I couldn't spend more time on it and Gracie loves it. That is what matters. I love this girl and I love it when she sings this song (by Chairlift). She is pretty funny. I may have to compile all the videos she makes of herself speaking gibberish.

I want more Bahama Bucks.
- Posted by deb on the go.


  1. How fun! I need to download that movie app & put together some videos.

  2. Great performances! Loved the video.
    So cute.



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