Thursday, August 30, 2012

Welcome to Sea World

A while ago Rusin I decided that we wanted to take a trip to the beach sometime this summer. And Russ really wanted to go to Sea World. I was not that excited about doing that but he really wanted to so I got on board. It really wasn't hard since Joseph had started watching Finding Nemo almost daily and was in love with sea creatures. I knew the kids would have a good time. 
  So the trip kinda snuck up on us, but we were able to get ready in time. We headed out on Thursday after Russ got home from work and drove into the night.
 Luckily the kids slept most of the time. Well, some of the time.
 The next morning we got up headed over to Perry's cafĂ© to get us some breakfast. 
 Then we were off to Sea World we slathered ourselves with sunscreen and we were ready to go. But it totally wasn't enough. Mostly all of us were still sunburned anyway.

 This picture is of Gracie just dancing to the tropical music in stroller it was actually quite entertaining.
 This picture was taken just after we finish the ride - Journey to Atlantis. Gracie was tall enough to go on the ride and she had decided that she wanted to (I promise I didn't pressure her). After the first drop (its kind of like a log ride) she was hysterical. She was crying so hard and wanted to get off. I felt so bad. I told her she didn't have to go on any other ride the rest of the time.
 Then we went off to see the Blue Horizon show which is full of dolphins, music, birds, and acrobats diving into the water. It was a lot of fun we did sit in the splash zone which we thought would be good since it was so hot.

The Gracie did not like it cried for quite a while until I got out a poncho that I had brought and she knew that she could cover herself if they came by to splash again. 
 Joseph cried for little bit. I think he was just shocked as to why the Dolphins would do that. But he calmed down pretty quickly.

 Apparently the show was too loud for Joseph, I looked down and found him plugging his ears. 

 It was also cute to look down and see him clapping his little hands for the flipping dolphins.
 After that we headed over to pet some bat rays. Just look at those cute little bums.
 Walking around we saw some gorgeous flamingos and I even picked up some pink feathers to bring home but they're still stuck my purse and I don't know what I'm going to so with them.
 Going to the shark tunnel is pretty cool Joseph really enjoy that. All the kids did actually but I love the look on Joseph face here.

This was so funny. As we were walking to a show this little garden spot just appeared. It was just a patch of grass with flowers and stuff and Gracie gasps and says, "Oh mom!" Then she runs up there and dances. It was like she came across an miniature stage with her name in lights behind it. It was so funny.
 Now this may be a strange picture to put on here, but this woman fell and Russ was able to help her. It's not the first time that this has happened that he's been able to go in and help someone; check and make sure their bones don't seem broken and help them feel little bit better. I'm grateful that he is able to do it and willing to do that.
 After while we were all getting kinda hungry and tired so we decided to leave Sea World and we drove over to Hodads. We called in an order (that's the best way to do it) and went in to pick it up while Joseph slept in the car. We had a little picnic in the back of the van.
 We had humongous burgers and some really, really, yummy shakes. 

 Then we headed back to Sea World glad that Joseph got a short nap in the car. Joseph, Gracie, and I  went into see the turtles while Russ and William went on the Manta roller coaster. It was cool cause they had a lot of fish like the ones in Finding Nemo. Lot's of Dori's:)
  Later we went to go see the penguins and realize we should've been doing that every half hour to cool off because it was so hot. 
  And then we had to take a break to just enjoy some dancing around Sea World grounds

  I went on the Manta ride with William and it was so fun. That kid was cracking me up. I loved our faces in the picture. They take it at the beginning when it shoots you out really fast. I like that I kinda look angry and William has his eyes closed.
  It was getting late so we headed over to Shamu Rocks show where they play rock music and have a sort of laser light show, all with Shamu jumping and diving and splashing!
 it was a lot of fun and then ended with fireworks which were loud apparently. 
 and here is Joseph showing me how the dolphins and whales dive. He loved it and we all had a  really good time but we're very tired when we got back to the hotel.
Actually just Russ and I were tired when we got back, the kids were bouncing all over the hotel room. I couldn't believe they were still awake.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

On Russ' actual birthday

Russ had to work on his birthday (which I happen to think it a huge bummer) when he got home he found some cougar cheese that his sister Kirsten had overnight-ed him. She spoils us rotten.
 Then Connie was nice enough to watch the kids while he and I went out to Joe's farm grill. Mmmmmm, anyone else looking forward to the dog days of summer out there? I am. Let's make a party of it.
Nothing crazy special, just like any other date but it made me extremely grateful to have this guy in my life. We just got back from a trip to california and on the drive I read out loud the Five Love Languages. I kept feeling kind of frustrated cause I was having a hard time figuring out what my love language is. All I could figure out is that it is not receiving gifts. Then we came to a place in the book that says if you can't figure out what your love language is it could be because your "love tank" is full. I am really lucky that Russ speaks my love language, whatever it is.     

 We went to pick up a cake and bring it back to have with the kids. They love that sort of thing.
Joe helping with the candles

Happy 31 Russ! We love you. And I am only a month late posting this, sheesh.

Movie Night

Our kids have still not started school this year but before Clara did they wanted to have a movie night and invited us. Clare and Hazel met us out at the cat and then William and Clara were good enough to carry the babies in. I can't believe they didn't mind.
They watched An American Tail while Anna and I talked about education and schools and I have to say that I am really glad I have Anna to talk to about stuff like that.

When we left Joe gave "Hooshie" (that's what he calls her) a hug. They have mastered the no-arms hug and do it very sweetly.

Friday, August 24, 2012

4th of July 2012

When we woke up of the 4th we realized that Gracie had earned herself a date with me by doing her chores so I took her to the movies. This was our view on the way out.
And of course we went to see Brave. And I loved how we saw a preview for the Hobbit and Gracie got really loud and excited about the fact that Gollum was in that movie.
Jojo had fun playing with  her popcorn bag when we got home.
And danced to Gracie's piano playing.

Then it was time to head out to my moms for BBQ and swimming. The kids played a fun game where they had to find the gummy bear in the whipped cream.

Braynt won round one.

William won round two.

and Gracie sat there looking cute until we said go. Then she cried cause she didn't want to get her face dirty. She ended up eating whipped cream with a spoon.

Some adults played too and Russ didn't win.

Then we did some fireworks and watched some big ones in the sky while we sang the Star Spangled Banner. My kids love that song and sing it all the time. I love it.

I am so grateful for america. I really, really am.


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