Thursday, August 23, 2012

crazy days

So the Friday of the birthday boyz party my mom was good enough to watch my kids and let them spend the night because the next morning Russ had to go to work and I was having a baptism in our pool. So I got up that morning and took a bunch of stuff that I was donating to a church swap, had breakfast by myself, and cleaned up my house and made cooking for the baptism. 
The baptism was really neat and I am glad I got to be there for it. After that was over my mom brought the kids back and Mark, Ashley, and Sam came over for the start of the visit here. We got to swim.
And be reunited with cousins!
Then my mom watched the kids while all the grown ups went and saw Batman Rises. This was the week after it had opened. We all decided to wait and see it together when Mark would be here and we had to see it at the imax (said Russ). It was awesome. I am pretty sure Bane is my favorite villain.
And Connie made me this cute batman bobby pin. The next day was Sunday and then Monday was Gracie's birthday and party (which I already posted about). It was one of those whirlwind weekends were so many things were happening, but I loved it. It is tiring, but fun!

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