Monday, August 18, 2014

What a day

Today has been quite a day. I am sitting at Mcdonalds at 8:15 pm and wondering how I got here. Last night I got back from a moms retreat I organized up at the cabin. I will write about that when I am in a better mood. I came home feeling inspired and tired. I was planning to spend today getting our new homeschool schedule for the next little while ironed out and have our back to school dinner tonight. Well Russ hurt his back and it has been pretty debilitating. And Louise started burning up with fever last night. She was still hot in the morning. And even though I knew she was tired she would not stay asleep for a nap. So I took her swimming with the kids while Russ vacuumed the pool and before long she was too tired to do that. So I brought her in and she finally slept. Russ had to take off for a dr. Appointment to get a referral to take care of his varicose veins. I let the kids put on a movie and worked on homeschool stuff. When Russ got back I started dinner. Louise was tired and fussy and Russ was in too much pain to help. I tried to put her in the so I for a bath. She always loves that but she didn't like it tonight. Not one bit. So I took her out and for her dressed while dinner turned cold on the stove. I went back in and tasted it and realized and either the cream or broth I had used must have been bad. It tasted awful. So much for back to school dinner. I put Louise to bed and then took the other kids to get some dinner. They chose McDonald's so here I am. The good part of the day was that on the way I decided to stop by and try one of Jared Allen's eclairs he was sampling. That was delicious. And then I took some over to Tiffany Haynes for him and got to snuggle her week old Oscar. Oh my goodness was he sweet and cute and I LOVE BABIES. So now I am trying to decide if we should have a back to school lunch tomorrow (we are having a small memorial service at our home tomorrow night for Pam Branch) or if I should just put it off until next Monday and give myself time to get some more concrete plans without being rushed. That sounds nice, I may do that. That is the beauty of homeschool. I can do that. They can still do their school work but we won't officially start the new semester and school schedule until next week. Now I need to round up their kids and take them home and get into bed. I can't wait.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pinedale cabin day 5&6

For the talent show my dad did a skit where he wore overalls. Russ decided he wanted to try them out. So that was awesome. I also love this rock Ashley painted as in the momento from our Taylor Ranch Huston family reunion 2014.

She got so excited when he put her on his shoulders.
Russ took William and Gracie fishing and Mark and Eric and I took Sam and Joe on a hike. I was a little bit nervous not knowing how they would react and figuring Joseph would probably want to be carried up the mountain but I was pleasantly surprised that these boys were tough little hikers. They both fell and scraped their knees but just got up and brushed it off. They didn't whine or complain except for the time that Joseph said, "I wish the sun wasn't real". Many times I wish the same thing except I just wish it was covered by a cloud.

That's Taylor Ranch down there in the background. Look at how high they hiked. Also check out Joseph's awesome pose.
It was really fun to hike with these boys and it made me excited to hike with them as they get older on different mountains. I don't like running but I do like hiking.
Joe was ready to head back down the mountain before Sam was so Sam and Mark hiked up a little bit higher to the very top of the mountain.
Joe and I just sat back and admired his rock he found that is a perfect sphere.
When we got back I got to sit out with this little chub while the clouds sprinkled some rain on us.
I couldn't get enough of all my beautiful views.

Joseph was so worn out that if he sat still long enough he would fall asleep.
And she was pretty happy that she got to take a bath in the sink.

The swings and that back porch got lots and lots of use in the few days we were there.
Russ found the coolest beetle, and hugest I must say. The next morning he got up early to go fishing by himself. He had some pretty nice views.

When he got back Lou was delighted to see him and to drive the car back into the driveway. She loves standing up to the steering wheel so much.
We had already started packing up and cleaning up the cabin so when Russ got back I had him take all the kids for a hike again so that way we could clean up without the kids continuing to make a mess.
These are some pictures he took.
After everything was cleaned up and packed up we headed out of Pinedale but not without stopping at the covered bridge first to take a family picture. I have never seen a covered bridge in real life before.

We headed to Showlow to have lunch at the Mexican restaurant Lachanos that my uncle Danny works for. The kids loved it because they had a fish tank with the blowfish even.
Then it was time to head home it was rainy in Showlow when we left. And it was raining in the valley when we got home. It was such a blessing to not have to come home to stifling heat after a wonderful week up in the beautiful mountains of Arizona.

 I hope we get a chance to go up again next year.

Pinedale cabin days 3&4

On Saturday more cousins came up to join the party. We had a mini version of Gracie's birthday party so she could celebrate with her cousins. Below they are making the Let It Go music video and I bet you can tell from the picture, it was amazing.
The girls all looked so lovely in the capes my mom made for them.

 I sure love this spunky girl
William and his snake and his sunburn from playing baseball with no sunscreen. Whoops.
Russ went to put Lou to bed and I guess decided to stay.
Watching Connie cut the watermelon.
Falling asleep watching Connie cut the watermelon. After I took the picture I picked him up and he opened his eyes and said, "I want some watermelon." I told him okay but took him to the couch anyway and when we got to the couch he said, "take my shirt off." I did and he slept like a baby.
Gracie stayed awake for some watermelon. 
While Lou and Joe were both asleep I took a little walk. It was lovely to be alone and there was a cool breeze and I could just think.
After Louise woke up she was reaching for this little log so I let her play with it. She would scratch it, pick of the bark, and pick it up. She was pretty mesmerized by it.

Then we gatherer for a talent show. Joseph and Gracie sang Somewhere Out There and William talked his uncle Mark and his cousin Conner into doing some skits with him. Good ole' cub scouts teaching him skits.
William got to help Bryant with his magic show. If you ever want to feel good about yourself as a magician do your trick for William. He is very enthusiastic for magic tricks. 

Lou apparently likes to play with Russ ear. I loved to play with ear lobes as a baby and child and lets be honest I sometimes still fall asleep playing with Russ' ear.

Sunday all the kids got to wear the shirts that Grandma made them. She made them using fabric that she and I already had. She guessed on the sizes and while some fit a little snug they were all so cute.
We could not get enough of these matching cutie patooties, but my camera was not taking very clear pictures so here are some blurry pictures of the babies loving on each other.

I mean, how cute is that.

Connie and I are pretty cute too.
And I could not get enough of Casey walking around (at 10 months!) with her round belly hanging out. She is such a cutie!
We deicded to head to the lake but didn't stay long because it started raining and there was a lot of lightning. 
Test picture.
We also watched the movie Heaven Is for Real and all the kids or most anyway sang the song Gethsemane that gets me every time.


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