Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pinedale cabin days 3&4

On Saturday more cousins came up to join the party. We had a mini version of Gracie's birthday party so she could celebrate with her cousins. Below they are making the Let It Go music video and I bet you can tell from the picture, it was amazing.
The girls all looked so lovely in the capes my mom made for them.

 I sure love this spunky girl
William and his snake and his sunburn from playing baseball with no sunscreen. Whoops.
Russ went to put Lou to bed and I guess decided to stay.
Watching Connie cut the watermelon.
Falling asleep watching Connie cut the watermelon. After I took the picture I picked him up and he opened his eyes and said, "I want some watermelon." I told him okay but took him to the couch anyway and when we got to the couch he said, "take my shirt off." I did and he slept like a baby.
Gracie stayed awake for some watermelon. 
While Lou and Joe were both asleep I took a little walk. It was lovely to be alone and there was a cool breeze and I could just think.
After Louise woke up she was reaching for this little log so I let her play with it. She would scratch it, pick of the bark, and pick it up. She was pretty mesmerized by it.

Then we gatherer for a talent show. Joseph and Gracie sang Somewhere Out There and William talked his uncle Mark and his cousin Conner into doing some skits with him. Good ole' cub scouts teaching him skits.
William got to help Bryant with his magic show. If you ever want to feel good about yourself as a magician do your trick for William. He is very enthusiastic for magic tricks. 

Lou apparently likes to play with Russ ear. I loved to play with ear lobes as a baby and child and lets be honest I sometimes still fall asleep playing with Russ' ear.

Sunday all the kids got to wear the shirts that Grandma made them. She made them using fabric that she and I already had. She guessed on the sizes and while some fit a little snug they were all so cute.
We could not get enough of these matching cutie patooties, but my camera was not taking very clear pictures so here are some blurry pictures of the babies loving on each other.

I mean, how cute is that.

Connie and I are pretty cute too.
And I could not get enough of Casey walking around (at 10 months!) with her round belly hanging out. She is such a cutie!
We deicded to head to the lake but didn't stay long because it started raining and there was a lot of lightning. 
Test picture.
We also watched the movie Heaven Is for Real and all the kids or most anyway sang the song Gethsemane that gets me every time.

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