Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Saguaro lake adventure

Since it has felt like all Russ' time off from work for the past few month has been devoted to house projects, and since we are showing the house now and need to keep it clean we decided to go on another day trip. We were going to go to the salt river but ended up driving a bit further to Saguaro lake. 

The kids had a wonderful time swimming and splashing around. They felt like they were at the ocean. The water was really murky (as usual) so I got pretty freaked out when a fish swam into my leg. It wasn't very fun for the adult aside from the pleasure we take in watching our children have a good time. Joe wanted to go back that night, and the next morning, and the day after that. And he wants to bring his cousin Sam. So I guess we will have to go back some time.

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