Friday, November 28, 2014

Our State Fair field trip

The State Fair let's homeschoolers take field trips there with free entry. So with that and had Read-to-ride program they have (read 3 books, get 3 free rides) I decided to take the kids. It was hot and so much walking that I was really regretting my decision. But then we got to the rides and the kids had a blast.

Then I took the kids to St. Francis to eat cause I had been wanting to try it and kids eat free. They also had toys for the kids, that was awesome. And the food was great. It was a good, but tiring day. 

William is 10!

This year William was planning a Lego birthday party. He had activities he wanted to do and I even made a Lego head pinata but a couple weeks before his birthday he was havin a hard day and giving me lots of attitude. He didn't want to do school or work and was refusing to do those things. I wrote him a note trying to persuade him to change his mind and he didn't. He did start doing the job I gave him but with a lot if attitude. I told him if he didn't stop the consequence would be severe and he didn't stop so he lost the privledge of a friend birthday party. Boy was he mad. He threw a tantrum for a good couple of hours. This is when I had to really restrain myself from tearing my hair out. But he finally saw that I meant business and once he got used to the idea he was fine and I am glad we were able to still have a good day. We started the day by heading to a homeschool fall market and the kids sold some garlands and ornaments they made from wool balls. I went to Meghan's bridal shower while they were there.
After we went to Joes Real BBQ for lunch with Connie and she treated them to a root beer float and gave him a Lego book with a Lego character in it. 
Then we headed over to the zoo. I surprised the picture below turned out as good as it did cause everyone was whining right before we took it. 
The last couple times we have gone to the zoo we have wanted to see the baby orangutan but the mom was not showing him off and staying put in their room. When we went this day she was sitting up on the top of her climbing tower with her back to us and was not moving. So we went to see the other animals and then went back to see if she had come down and she was in the same spot. So we went to see the elephant and as we were leaving William asked if we could check the orangutan one more time. It was almost closing time so I told him to run and check and he yelled back to us that the keeper went in so she might come down. We hurried over to see her climbing down and we were the only ones there. She came over with her baby clung to her chest and laid down next to the glass right in front of us. Then she put  a palm leaf in her head. It was like she didn't want us to look at her but she wanted us to see her baby. And boy did we. 
Lou Lou kept hitting her head on the glass trying to get at it. 
It really was a sweet moment and I told William it was a birthday miracle. 
I loved how we all crowded and oooh-ed and aaaah-ed. 

Then as we were leaving there was a glorious sunset. It really was a special day. I'm glad there was no party, just time spent together. 

Halloween 2014

Halloween was low key nothing but neighborhood trick or treating and uncle Mark trying to scare all the kids with his fog machine. I am so happy Joe agreed to be Nacho. It was a hot. He even wanted me to draw hairy arm pits on him, and I did. 

Friday, November 21, 2014

A day for Meghan & Jon

On Saturday November 8th Russ' oldest niece was sealed to her love Jon in the Gilbert temple. There were so many things going on that day; the wedding, a baby shower for a dear friend, Conner and Anna's baptism, and then the reception that night. Sounds like a stressful day but it was such a beautiful day. 
Connie came over in the morning to watch the kids while we went to the sealing, then she took them to Conner and Anna's baptism. When we got to the temple we went into the waiting room to see most if Russ' siblings and parents. Kirsten was able to fly in the night before and Mac and Erik drove down in a whirlwind trip. I am so glad they did, it was wonderful seeing them even if it was for a short time and we really missed everyone else who couldn't make it. As we walked from the waiting room into the sealing and I holding Russ hand, I became overwhelmed to tears. Being in that special place with so many I love for such a special occasion, there aren't words to describe what I felt. The closest I can find is light, very bright light. The sealer was awesome and taught many wonderful things. 
Trying to get a good picture with brothers around is hard to do. 
After they came out and we took some pictures I hurried over to the baby shower. Babies, like weddings, are such happy occasions. The shower was lovely and getting to visit with some many good friends was great. 
Then I hurried back to make it only a little bit late to the luncheon. We had some good food and hearing the family members say some sweet things about Jon and Meghan was so nice. 
Then we went over to mom and dads to visit with Erik and Mac before the reception. And tge reception was so lovely. They did it at the Webster Farm and I am so glad they did! It was gorgeous! Yummy treats, Italian sodas, and dancing. All favorite things of mine. 

Lou was getting really tired so Russ rocked her to sleep while I danced. What a man. 
My kids probably ate 8 cotton candies each. 

It was just a really, really good day. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

ROC Race

Saturday Russ ran the Ridiculous Obstacle Course Race with Don, Mark,  Ashley, and some of Ashley's family. Connie and I brought the kids and watched. When we walking up we saw them after their first challenge. Mark (in the orange Vector suit) made it easy to spot them. 
Then we went to the entrance band saw the wrecking ball challenge. It was the second to last challenge and we knew they hadn't done that one yet so we camped out there. 
Louise and Scout did well in the strollers for quite awhile. Lou got restless so I let her put but luckily she just hung out in this baracade. 
You can see Russ staring, he is wearing a cape. He made it across. 
Then they had one more challenge and we met them at the end where there was a bubble/foam machine . The kids loved it. It was a ton of fun. 
The unfortunate part was that Don sprained his ankle after the 2nd challenge. He also passed out after that. So that was not cool at all. I felt bad about that, especially when I laughed when I saw him sitting all by himself waiting for us to pick him up. What a bummer. 


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