Sunday, November 16, 2014

ROC Race

Saturday Russ ran the Ridiculous Obstacle Course Race with Don, Mark,  Ashley, and some of Ashley's family. Connie and I brought the kids and watched. When we walking up we saw them after their first challenge. Mark (in the orange Vector suit) made it easy to spot them. 
Then we went to the entrance band saw the wrecking ball challenge. It was the second to last challenge and we knew they hadn't done that one yet so we camped out there. 
Louise and Scout did well in the strollers for quite awhile. Lou got restless so I let her put but luckily she just hung out in this baracade. 
You can see Russ staring, he is wearing a cape. He made it across. 
Then they had one more challenge and we met them at the end where there was a bubble/foam machine . The kids loved it. It was a ton of fun. 
The unfortunate part was that Don sprained his ankle after the 2nd challenge. He also passed out after that. So that was not cool at all. I felt bad about that, especially when I laughed when I saw him sitting all by himself waiting for us to pick him up. What a bummer. 

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