Sunday, November 16, 2014

Pomegranate harvest

It was overcast a few days ago, really beautiful weather and we have tons of pomegranates that need picking so I got Louise a little chair and a couple of flowers...
...and I got picking. 
The kids helped for awile but got disraced before too long. 
I would get distracted too. I took something like 20 pictures of Louise and this chair. 
It will never get old. Now matter how many babies I have, everything they do will be the cutest. 
I discovered a pile of mud balls while walking around the tree. Now I know why their hands are always so filthy. 
And then we enjoyed the fruits of our labor. Sitting in the yard eating pomegranates with my kids is one of my favorite things. 
It was so nice until Gracie and Joe put a seed up their noses and Joes got stuck. Luckily I got it out after awhile. I was taking to him about trying to blow it out and he said, "what about if I bless-you?". That is still what he calls it when he sneezes - "bless you-ed". I was bummed when we didn't sell out house but I have to say I am happy to be here still, especially when the pomegranates are ripe. 

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