Wednesday, February 27, 2013

An adventure (Feb 2013)

Russ has been working Saturdays and I woke up feeling antsy and not too sick. I decided that I wanted to go for a hike or something. Mostly I just wanted to be outdoors. Connie and I decided to take the kids and head out towards Coons Bluff. Not far out of town we saw a turn off with lots of grass and trees and decided to go there. 
 Red Mountain and the Salt River

We were also babysitting a neighbors dog, Thor. The kids (especially Gracie) were in love.

I found a spot to lay down in the grass and parked myself there for a good long while.

The kids kept pretending they were Mowgli or a tiger and having a lot of fun running around and exploring. We had so much fun there that we took Russ back a day or two later. I don't have any pictures of that but I thought to myself we would go back often. Unfortunately I soon because very sick and now it is too hot but when the weather is right we will be back.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Home for Gracie

 I came in one day to find that Gracie had set up a little house for herself. I love her mind.
These pictures were taken in February 2013

muddy buddies

Someone was playing with the hose

 I couldn't get over how they were posing together.

These pictures were taken in February 2013

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Little Buds

These are from back in January when Mark and Ashley were still here. Sam came over to play and I watch as he a Joseph walked around the yard together holding sticks and hitting trees, branches, and fences. As soon as I got my camera they stopped but it really was so fun to see them together just being little boys.

I also noticed some of my bulbs blossoming and they smelled so good.

Can't wait until they move back here for good!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

turning 29

I decided last year to celebrate my birthday with a day to myself so that is what I did this year. I started at Joe's Farm Grill. I ate an awesome breakfast and read.
 Then I walked through the gardens and found a bench where I wrote in my journal.

 I think I may have stayed there long enough that I was ready to go to lunch at Liberty Market right after and no I could not eat that whole thing.
 I did some thrift shopping, mostly for books and then met up with my family, my parents, and Connie for dinner.

 Connie and my mom got me some books.
 Then Connie watched the kids so I could go to the movies with this handsome guy. We went to see The Impossible and man was that emotional for both of us.
 When I got home I was greeted by flowers, homemade cookies and all sorts of treats. It really was a wonderful day.


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