Wednesday, February 6, 2013

turning 29

I decided last year to celebrate my birthday with a day to myself so that is what I did this year. I started at Joe's Farm Grill. I ate an awesome breakfast and read.
 Then I walked through the gardens and found a bench where I wrote in my journal.

 I think I may have stayed there long enough that I was ready to go to lunch at Liberty Market right after and no I could not eat that whole thing.
 I did some thrift shopping, mostly for books and then met up with my family, my parents, and Connie for dinner.

 Connie and my mom got me some books.
 Then Connie watched the kids so I could go to the movies with this handsome guy. We went to see The Impossible and man was that emotional for both of us.
 When I got home I was greeted by flowers, homemade cookies and all sorts of treats. It really was a wonderful day.

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