Thursday, July 29, 2010

Utah reunion day 4

We had to get up this morning early to start the trek home. We were nervous about getting Gracie up, but there were snails outside that we took her to see right when she got up and she was happy. We never see snails this big in AZ.

Saying goodbye to Buster. She still asks if we can go see him, her cousins house, and the Temple that looks like a castle.

Saying goodbye to uncle Eric.
And uncle Ted
We stopped by Houston's restaurant in Kanab on the way home and Gracie was being really cute. William was being really ornery so there are no pictures of him.

Between Kanab and Flagstaff the kids were really good so when we stopped for Gas we let the kids pick out a treat. They both picked out...candy corns?
They were so excited.
It is nice to have kids that are good in the car. William occasionally complained that his bum hurt and he did a lot of asking, "are we there yet?" type of questions. But really it was a good trip.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Utah reunion day 3

On day three we all spent the morning getting ready for the family pictures. We went to the park and took them and I don't have them yet, but when I do I will be posting them.
Then we headed to the church for lunch and a program and a magician!
Here is Gracie showing off some fancy tricks.
She is too cute for me.
Russ' sisters family did a cute rap and a couple of them even got down and did the worm.
Grayson - the master of the Rubik's cube.
The magician and her white bird.
Williams response to the tricks. It was awesome. At one point he said, "she is a real magician!"
She had them play follow the leader

And Gracie was a little behind.
Then they did the limbo. This was a first for my kids.

They got pretty creative.

Then she pulled out the balloons.
William got a blue Light Saber
Gracie wanted a pink crown, and boy did she get one.

She kept it on for a long time.
William trying to get Russ

Look at all those kids!
This picture I am not sure, but I think they are comparing baldness (that is Russ' Dad and uncle Ted)
Back at the house and it was probably 9:00 pm. Daylight savings is so weird.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Utah reunion day 2

Gracie was pretty grumpy the next day so we let her go back to bed because she wanted her passy and blankie. She just laid in there forever! It made me laugh.
She finally decided to come out and when she did she was Busters shadow.

See her crawling through all the chairs trying to get to him?

We sat and visited for awhile while some played Take Two.

Grandma when she finally won.

Sue and Erik trying to get Kent to quit the game and go do his chore.
Oh my cuteness.

What William wanted to do the whole time we were there.

The kids watching Don.

Stretching (I think)

The guy has mad skills.

Then we spent the afternoon and evening at a beautiful park.

William and his cousin Mac had a lot of fun. Mac is so good to play with the little kids.

Look at those cool ladies.

Going to get the bird

She just wanted to see one so bad, but they kept flying away.

I love Mindy's poses.

Gracie loves her baby cousin
The cute little girls and the cute big girls in the background on their phones.

I could not get enough of this little girl.

Gracie saw her Grandma putting together some prizes for some games. They were suckers and Gracie asked Grandma for one and when Grandma told her they were for later she came to me and said, "Grandma's not sharing." She ended up getting one later.
We had a fire to roast marshmallows. William and Mac playing tag.

Russ playing frisbee.

Russ sister Kirsten and her husband Ted. I was so happy to get a picture of Ted without the camera in front of his face. He is the beloved family photographer.

My kids were getting pretty tired so I let them have a marshmallow and we headed back home to put them to bed.

They don't look tired, but I promise they were.


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