Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Utah reunion day 3

On day three we all spent the morning getting ready for the family pictures. We went to the park and took them and I don't have them yet, but when I do I will be posting them.
Then we headed to the church for lunch and a program and a magician!
Here is Gracie showing off some fancy tricks.
She is too cute for me.
Russ' sisters family did a cute rap and a couple of them even got down and did the worm.
Grayson - the master of the Rubik's cube.
The magician and her white bird.
Williams response to the tricks. It was awesome. At one point he said, "she is a real magician!"
She had them play follow the leader

And Gracie was a little behind.
Then they did the limbo. This was a first for my kids.

They got pretty creative.

Then she pulled out the balloons.
William got a blue Light Saber
Gracie wanted a pink crown, and boy did she get one.

She kept it on for a long time.
William trying to get Russ

Look at all those kids!
This picture I am not sure, but I think they are comparing baldness (that is Russ' Dad and uncle Ted)
Back at the house and it was probably 9:00 pm. Daylight savings is so weird.

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