Monday, July 26, 2010

Utah reunion day 1

On July 7th we headed up to Utah. We stayed at a hotel in Kanab and William thought that was the coolest thing ever. next morning we headed off to Salt Lake to Russ' brothers house. And there we had the Christensen Family Reunion.
Here is Gracie with her new best friend Buster. She followed that dog around all day.
And having baby Lilliegh their was too much fun. A baby and a puppy, who could ask for more?
On our way to Temple Square.
Gracie still asks to go see the temple that looks like a castle.

Seeing cousins we have not seen in awhile.
I love how excited Gracie was.

All the little girl cousins (just missing Harper)
But Gracie kept calling Carmen Harper, so it was sorta like she was there.

I did not get pictures of the rest of the day which included an adult dinner. But Ted did so I will have to steal some of his:)

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