Wednesday, July 14, 2010

All cleany

I could not resist getting the camera when both of their bums were sticking up in the air. They love bath time. Especially Gracie, she feels like a mermaid. They are loud and they splash and it drives me crazy. I really need to get better about not caring about that. Gracie will wash herself and say she is "all cleany". She puts an "ee" sound on the end of a lot of words and names. She is all girl still. She loves to dress up like a princess. The other day she walked into the kitchen all dressed up and said, "I am a princess, you are a prince, you want to dance with me." So we danced. She is constantly singing songs of nonsense/gibberish and I love it. She loves to argue with William and will say the most ridiculous things to get him worked up and angry. I try to tell him to ignore her, but he does not seem to know what that means. She still does not have all her pronouns figured out yet and will say things like, "he's/hims shirt is red" or "she's eyes are blue". Something else she says that we love is, "Um, I am hungry about and apple." Or of we ask her to do something she does not want to do she will say, "I'm tired about that." She has started growling a lot lately when she is wrestling with her Daddy and it is really funny.
William is five. And a half. He will be starting school next month and at first I didn't want him to go. Now I am not sure it is soon enough. Although one night while he was going to bed he said, "maybe I shouldn't go to school". When I asked him why not he said (with emotion in his voice) I don't like people to leave. I wasn't sure what he meant and so I asked and he said (with small tears) "I don't want you to leave. That broke /melted my heart. I know once he is there he won't give me a second thought and he will love it so much, but I am glad he is thinking about it now. I am going to miss the little William and he grows up. He is very into space and planets right now and loves Star Wars. He is pretty awesome with his light saber. He can be ornery and disobedient, but is generally a good kid and so much fun to have around.

The best part is they love each other. They play with each other and fight with each other and laugh at each other. Sometimes William will just say, "Gracie is so cute." And he is right, they both are. With two of the cutest kids known to man I am so anxious to see what number three will be like.

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  1. I love reading about all the adorable things kids do and say. I love that you're writing it down so it won't be forgotten, because they do grow up so fast. Looking forward to meeting baby #3, and thanks for the title you suggested on my blog. I love it.



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