Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pinedale cabin days 1&2

It is a Wednesday evening and the house is quiet. Connie has the big kids over at her house to watch a movie, Russ is at mutual, and Louise is asleep. I am sitting at the computer with my second plate of super cheesy baked ziti and feel ready to document our latest adventure. Lets roll back 6 days ago to August 7th which happened to be our 11th Anniversary! Russ had to go to work and I had a couple of hours to pack my whole family for a 6 day cabin trip (I have become the worst kind of procrastinator lately but it seems to be the only way I will get things done). I would caravan up with some of my family and Russ would meet us there the next day.

The other kids were asleep but he got to tell Louise goodbye.
We headed over to Mark and Ashley's to load up some of their stuff and so Ashley and Sam could ride in our car with us. Gracie was making sure Scout didn't run into the road while we packed. 
The drive up was nice and uneventful. Ashley and I got a little loud a couple times and Joe had to sush us so they could hear their movie. We get a little worked up sometimes when we get talking. When we pulled up to the cabin (Taylor Ranch in Pinedale) it was like a breath of fresh air. Williams excitement as he ran from room to room and place to place was unmatched. It had a grassy yard and play ground and much to Lou's delight - a piano. 
She played while we unloaded the cars.
The kids ran in the sprinklers and got wet so Joseph naturally changed into his most comfortable Thomas jammies. I brought up some paint I had made the day before for them to paint some walking sticks and rocks and stuff. Almost every stick Joe and Sam found was a perfect gun.
The kids were really excited to sleep in this little cubby loft with a mini door. I was nervous cause I knew I would be in a room with Lou and there would be a sound machine so I wouldn't know if the kids needed me. They all came down looking for me at one point but my mom was up and was kind enough to go lay with them. The picture below was what I tried but failed to send Russ telling him that she was not staying asleep. I didn't get too much sleep that night. Or any night we were there for that matter, but I have decided sleep is overrated (not really, I was fighting extreme grumpiness a lot of the time).
The next morning the kids were out playing right away. This is their tow touch swing. I was pretty suprised it worked because when they started swinging is didn't look like they would be able to touch.
William got to play catch with his Uncle Eric and Uncle Mark. He hadn't really done it much before so we were all pretty surprised at how well he did.
A wonderful view

William was so excited when he had successfully caught 20 times he decided to record it on a napkin and I decided to record that here.

William found a little garden snake and named him Piney cause he looked kind of like pine needles. He got away after about half a day.
When Russ and Connie got there we were all pretty excited. William asked Russ to play catch with him right away. 

And Louise was pretty happy Connie was there.

And Joseph obviously had a good time.

After a bath we headed out to the fire pit for some smores, where there were some bats that would fly over our heads. It was pretty great when Mark took off his shirt and swung it like a fan over his head as some sort of bat signal?
It was a good first couple of days.

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