Friday, August 10, 2012

July Birthday Boyz

So one day awhile back Abe, Clint, and Russ all realized that their birthdays were all towards the end of July. So us girls decided to throw them a party. So we faked and meeting and were going to go out to dinner and plan it. Something told me I should check with Kayleen about when Spencer's birthday was and so I text her 30 minutes before we left and sure enough his birthday is in July. That girl got a babysitter and was ready to come with us in 30 minutes. 

Angela did the invitations (obviously) and they were so awesome. I was so excited when I got mine in the mail. Every detail was perfect and I couldn't stop looking at it. She really is amazing. We were going to make it a surprise until we realized that would be too hard. So we waited until the invites were done (so they couldn't back out of it) and then told them about it.
We thought about making them party hats, newspaper hat style and Jessica made a small one with a piece of paper to try it out and then made a bigger one with kraft paper. It turns out she over estimated a little bit. 

I made face cards that we used as center pieces and for a game. We had all the guys fill out a question sheet and the we would read the answers and everyone would hold up the face of who they thought gave that answer. And to draw the faces I simply pulled up a picture of them on the computer and put a paper against it and traced there face and hair with a pencil. Then went over it with sharpie and scanned it into the computer. Easy peasy, and definitely something I will do again.
Jessica and I also made chalkboards out 
of foam core boards and paint and then Angela hand lettered on them with a chalk marker. Don't they look amazing?

We painted some wooden forks to match the party and it was kinda ridiculous how happy it made all of us.
They got party hats and buttons (and LOVED them;)
And this is what the front door looked like.

Angela also made food labels that described the food as we thought the guys might do. It was funny, I am pretty sure everyone enjoyed reading them.

We moved all our couches into one room to make it a theater room, we even put the back couch on risers.Then we played the loaded question game and watched youtube videos that we had the birthday boys rate. 
Then it was time for cake. These were just some rice crispy cakes that were more for show and Myke brought cookies and baklava for dessert. And yes it was delicious. 
I know I am posting like 4 pictures of the same thing, but I just love these guys.

in this one Clint and Abe are getting snuggly and Spencer is smiling like his son Owen.
I am actually really surprised the cake didn't come off that plate.
High school dance picture. One of the best parts of the evening.

This was also a good one.

I have 2 regrets with this party. 1 - that the wives didn't get in one of these pictures with them. 2 - we should have given them the questions for the game ahead of time cause they were kinda rushed and I think the answers would have been better if they had time to think about it.
  I really like all these guys and their wives. When we moved into our neighborhood we didn't really expect to have many (or any) couples our age. We really lucked out.
It was a lot of fun. 
Happy Birthday to all and to all a good night.

p.s. this was just day one of a pretty crazy weekend.
p.p.s. if you are on instagram and you want to see more pictures check out the hash tag #julybirthdayboyz


  1. Holy crap. I both love and hate you for being so cute and crafty. (OK, not hate, that's not the word... I'm just jealous.) I wish I could have been there!

  2. Looks like an amazing party indeed.

  3. It was seriously so fun. Love all your parties!!!

  4. This party looks so epic. I am seriously impressed with what all your scheming and planning accomplished.

  5. Oh wow. That party looks A-MAZ-ING! I love the little questionnaire with the pictures. SO SMART!

  6. haha, the big hat on jess is still so funny. thanks for being super awesome and throwing super rad parties :)



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