Thursday, August 2, 2012

Girls camp

 Girls camp was way back in May and for one reason or another I didn't post about it, but I want to remember it so, here I go. I drove up and Jessica and Nicci Lovell rode with me and had great conversations the whole way up. Then when we got there Jessica decided to try the tire swing. 
Who goes to girls camp looking this cute? Jessica Reyna, that's who.
She kinda got stuck.

It was so low to the ground you couldn't bend your legs to get out of it. But she eventually did. I am glad she did it so I could have a good laugh.

At the flag ceremony I was standing in the sun and it was so bright so I moved into the shade and we looked down and saw tons of ladybugs. I was able to bring one of my Young Women over who is OBSESSED with lady bugs but it wasn't long before more girls caught on and they were loving it.

They were seriously everywhere.
We only stayed up for one day but it was nice to get out of the heat. The food was good. I got to see drawing time which is the coolest part of our camp. Before meals to draw everyone to the ramada the youth camp leaders and a sister from the stake sing the drawing time song and do an awesome dance and it is so cute. I got really emotional watching them (it is not supposed to be emotional, it is peppy and loud and fun) and I realized that I needed to be there to see that. At the time I was dealing with some people who were making really bad and immature decisions and that is something that is hard for me to deal with. Going up there made me realize that a few might be making bad choices but there were so many girls up there who are so GOOD and HAPPY and making incredible (and hard) decisions everyday. I am so happy I was able to go. We stayed and played games with the bishops, listened to the sweets girls testimonies, had root beer floats. Then we left for home, but not before I took a picture with Marlo and her cute head lamp.

I love her and so many of the other leaders and camp. I feel lucky to be able to go. 


  1. I'm glad you had a good time. Honestly though, that picture with the lady bugs all over totally grosses me out. That's how bad my bug phobia is.



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