Tuesday, July 24, 2012

mess maker

last Sunday I heard William say that Joseph had nail polish so I hurried to go find him and this is what I found.

Russ and I scrubbed as gently as we could and got most of it off.
It wasn't long before I realized where he got the nail polish. I saw Gracie and she looked like this. We were going over to the Hardisons and she wanted to show them how she could look like a cat. 
She knows she is not supposed to do stuff like this, but she seems to think that rules are more like suggestions that we have for her.


  1. Oh. My. Goodness. I just KNOW this is in my future. Gavin likes to take my nail polish from my nightstand, but, thankfully, he cannot open them. Yet.

  2. I'd be horrified. I keep my nail polish up high and I tell Clara if I found her's out, I'm going to throw it away. :) Clearly I'm a bit mean. Rules are more of suggestions... ha ha ha

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  4. oops I tried to be compassionate but I know too well what kind of situation it is,then I laughed sorry ♥ Anyway theyre so cute !

  5. I think I would have cried a little bit first and then run for the camera too. They can make such big messes, but I'll bet the pictures have already achieved "precious" status in your mind. They are pretty darn cute. Gracie really nailed the cat look.

  6. Oh dang it. Those darn kids. They really are cute though :)



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