Monday, July 9, 2012

Washington 2012 Day 9

That morning we got up early and packed and fed the kids and woke Kirsten up just before we left (that poor women must be exhausted!) and she gave the kids gifts. Gracie got a Calico Critters cat family and a hedge hog family to take home for Grandma and Grandpas house. And William got a Thor hammer.
That morning when we left the sky was clear and we could see Mt. Rainier. 
We got to the airport on time and without indecent. Whew.
Joseph got his own seat but only sat in it a few minutes and then spent a lot of the time fussing on the plane. Until flying with kids I never noticed how noisy the actual airplane is but I am grateful for it because I don't think much of the plane could hear him. And luckily he eventually fell asleep.

William loved the magazines on the airplane and Gracie loved playing with her new animals.
She had a nice little set up there.
 She also got to play on my phone for awhile (and William played on Russ') so that means I have more picture of her making faces in the camera. I could make an hour long slideshow out of all the pictures I have of her like this.

 When we walked out of the airport it was warm, but that is okay cause that is what summer is supposed to feel like. We got home, did some unpacking and then jumped in the pool.

 It felt good to be back in big blue. Thanks for taking care of it while we were gone Connie. And for everyone who it tired of reading about our trip, it is finally done.


  1. Welcome back. Wah, ha ha. Gracie's facial expressions are awesome.

    Previous post: "Then of course there is the fish." Did you mean, Then of course there is Thor?

  2. I'm not tired of it!!! I want to go there now so bad. I'm glad you guys had fun. See ya in 2 weeks!!! Yay!



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