Friday, July 13, 2012

A day for fathers

On Fathers Day this year my mom decided to set up an adults only dinner for my dad at Monti's La Casa Vieja. Apparently there is a lot of history there with my dads family. It was a favorite of theirs. 
 It had a lot of history in general. Lots of stuff to looks at.

Here is the whole group together (missing some). The food was delicious. Connie got a salad and I got a pasta and we both are half. That is my favorite thing to do at a restaurant.

Here is Russ the master packer.

And here I am with my daddy. I am so grateful for him and the good man he is, the good choices he has made, and the hard work he has always done.

Then Sunday was fathers day. Luckily on Saturday Connie came over while Russ was at work and first we went Goodwill shopping and then we came home and made some t shirts.

Despite the look on his face he really did like these.
I just put a bunch of the Batman logos from across the years on one shirt using the freezer paper method. Did you realize there have been so many logos?

This shirt was inspired by his actual present which he bought himself a few weeks ago.
Maybe someday he will get to go hunting and get something. Cause he really deserves it, cause he really is such a great father and husband.

all my love right there in a tiny square.

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