Monday, July 2, 2012

Washington 2012 Day 1

This picture was taken while we were gathering our warmer clothes and getting ready for the Christensen family reunion that was going to be hosted by Russ' sister Kirsten and her husband Ted and their 2 boys Grayson and Hal in Tacoma. The kids were so excited to go on an airplane and go see their cousins.

We were able to talk William out of bringing his (very) bulky raincoat/hat.

On Tuesday the 19th Connie drove us to the airport and we were able to leave on time except we had to turn around for my phone (grrr), but we got up to the security counter at the airport they reminded me that we needed a security boarding pass for Joseph even though he was going to be a lap child (how did I forget something this important? I have no idea) and in order to get that boarding pass I needed his birth certificate so I call Connie and she's almost back to my house. She goes inside looks for birth certificate and guess what, I don't have one. She was able to bring his Social Security card and his certificate that said he was born at home with his name and the date on it so we were hoping that would work and she brought it to the airport. As she's coming I'm standing in line for the ticket counter with Joseph who is doing things like laying flat on the floor, refusing to stay with me, and not wanting to be held. Luckily the people in line around us were very patient with him. I am not so sure I was. Connie came walking into the airport when there was just a handful of people in front of me and I was able to get the boarding pass and get up through security in just enough time to sit and visit for a minute before we had to board the plane. Two things that I already knew where confirmed in this experience. I don't know what I would do without Connie and I don't have a brain.
My sister-in-law Mindy and her three little girls were (unintentionally!) on the flight with us and the kids were really excited about that. Here's Mia, Roxy, and William enjoying some sky mall magazine's.
 Here are some pictures from when we were taking off. When you are flying with kids it takes forever to finally get in the air (actually I would have said the same thing even if there were no kids there).
trying to get a peek.

Gracie it was beside herself with excitement about the flight you would've thought that they were going on a roller coaster.
  You can see how we kept our toddler entertained on this almost 3 hour flight. Here he decides to lay down on the floor we actually hoped he would go to sleep but that wasn't going to happen. 
Having a couple new things they have never seen before is nice too. In this case it was his sisters new sunglasses. 
We would drip water on the tray and let him wipe it up because this kid loved to clean.

Tickles are always a good idea.
And then he cleaned his belly. Also a good idea.

I love how nice and comfy Gracie looks in this picture 

 advertising that we love to fly Southwest (he actually kept this on for awhile)

I loved looking back and see Mindy and Carmen all snuggled up and sleeping on the plane. 

 After I got there we went to rent a car which took a little bit too long for my liking but it worked out we got our car and we were headed off to Tacoma. Also I should note that I may have been sore the next day from lugging around all our luggage. 
We had been to Kirsten and Ted's house once before when William was about two, I think. But this was pretty exciting because they just did a major remodel of their house and added a whole two bedrooms and two bathrooms to the upstairs. They also relocated their stairs and extended their dining room. Just so much work was done and it was made bigger so now it was able to accommodate the big load of people that came to see them. 

 I love Gracie posing for this picture. That porch is where the cats lived and Joseph remembered when he saw me uploading this pictures the first thing he said was "nuggles" (because their cats name is Snuggles). It was what he said and  wanted to see first thing in the morning every morning.

Then we had some delicious grilled cheese sandwiches with my favorite cheddar, Cougar Gold from Washington State University and I forgot to come home with some so now I'm going to have to order online here.
Ted came home later and all the sandwiches were gone but there was still some soup and plenty of gold fish:)

  Anyway, we were just so happy to finally be there out of the heat and in the nice beautiful green state of Washington. And to be with my loved ones. Stay tuned for many many more pictures and posts.

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  1. I asked the kids what there favorite part was, and they said flying. Gracie got so squeally talking about how tiny everything was.



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