Monday, July 9, 2012

Washington 2012 Day 7

This was the day that we went to Seattle.

It really is a beautiful city.

We started out with Pike St.

Mine and Gracie's favorite part was the flowers. She likes peonies cause it sounds like ponies.

Then of course there is the fish.
Gracie, Elliegh, Lilliegh, and Carileigh with the pig. Lilleigh looked like she loved it:)
Then we headed down to the gum wall.
I guess now would be a good time to mention that Kirsten gave William a Thor helmet.
My cute nice Emi.

It smelled really good down there.
He isn't actually licking it, just really close. His Godfather Abe said he would pay him $5 bucks to lick it so we pretended.
Call me crazy but I am thinking of having a gum wall at our house (outside). It would kinda be like a guest book and whenever you come you could stick some gum on it.

Then we were off to get some lunch at Pikes Brewing Company. It was delicious, even the kids food.

Russ and Ted love their seafood.
Then we walked around some shops. Grandma went inside the quilt shop and Grandpa was sitting in the chair labels "the husbands chair". 
Check out this quilt of the Puget Sound. It was a-m-a-z-i-n-g!
Then we went to play in the big fountain but Joseph fell asleep in the car so I sat in the car with him while everyone else went. Whenever he would start to wake up I would start driving so I got to see quite a bit of the city (at least surrounding the space needle). This was my view from the car.
Then we went to this place where we could watch salmon swimming. It was a beautiful place. Although Gracie said it smelled bad (it smelled like fish).

this is Joseph watching a boat.

And here are the kids watching the salmon.
"this baby one is my best friend." - Gracie
Gracie asked if she could take some pictures with my phone and I let her. Here is a small sample of what she took.
Then we headed to Sam and Neela's home. Sam is Ted's brother so it was my sister-in-laws brother-in-law's house. Make sense? They were so nice to invite us for dinner. My kids were in love with their dog. They had name tags, yellow watermelon, and some yummy veggie enchiladas. And they had some amazing view from their house. This is from their living room.
William really liked his name tag.
This is the view from two more stories up. This is their balcony that has a hot tub. 

Then we went back to Tacoma where we stayed up way too late talking. This is how I found Hal when I was on my way to bed. 
This is how we all felt.

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