Friday, July 20, 2012

owie bum

Back in May I was changing Joseph after a swim and he kept putting his hand underneath him and picking at a small red spot on his bum. I touched it and it felt hard underneath the skin. I figured it was a zit that would be coming.  It didn't change much in the coming days except the hard area was expanding and he would not sit on his bum. He was so nervous of us touching his bum at all. If we put him in the car seat or high chair he would cry for a second but then be fine which made me think that it didn't hurt him that bad to sit on it, but the idea scared him. It was pretty sad. Here are some pictures of positions he would try and relax in.
trying to drink from a sippy cup without laying on his back
watching a movie
sleeping on his side (he always sleeps on his back)
I took him to the doctor and they gave him antibiotics and instruction that if the redness spread to take him to the ER. They also told me to put warm compresses on it to help draw the "stuff" out, because it is good for it to come out. Warm compresses were hard to do since it was on his bum but I did a clay poultice (if you are curious you can see here) and was able to leave it on for a long time under his diaper. When I wiped it off I could see a head and was able to pop it (I know, it was gross and sad) but after a few more clay treatments and finishing his antibiotics it is gone! Whew! He can sleep on his back again.



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