Saturday, August 25, 2012

On Russ' actual birthday

Russ had to work on his birthday (which I happen to think it a huge bummer) when he got home he found some cougar cheese that his sister Kirsten had overnight-ed him. She spoils us rotten.
 Then Connie was nice enough to watch the kids while he and I went out to Joe's farm grill. Mmmmmm, anyone else looking forward to the dog days of summer out there? I am. Let's make a party of it.
Nothing crazy special, just like any other date but it made me extremely grateful to have this guy in my life. We just got back from a trip to california and on the drive I read out loud the Five Love Languages. I kept feeling kind of frustrated cause I was having a hard time figuring out what my love language is. All I could figure out is that it is not receiving gifts. Then we came to a place in the book that says if you can't figure out what your love language is it could be because your "love tank" is full. I am really lucky that Russ speaks my love language, whatever it is.     

 We went to pick up a cake and bring it back to have with the kids. They love that sort of thing.
Joe helping with the candles

Happy 31 Russ! We love you. And I am only a month late posting this, sheesh.

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  1. I keep thinking about you telling me if you can't identify your love language it means your tank is full and I'm pretty sure in my case, it just means I'm a brat. :)

    I forgot about Joe and Hazel's armless hug. Awesome.



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