Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Polka dot party

So I kept the party pretty simple. I got these chalkboard label buckets at target and dot candy and then made an art book with blank pages and pictures for them to color.
Gracie's birthday is right before school starts so buying all the art supplies was cheeeeeap. Then I just let the girls color and paint. (Russ and I have been trying to learn how to use our camera better, too bad we didn't figure it out before this party. My apologies)

The candy dots were gone pretty quickly.

Gracie's cousin Carmen made her a crown!

I brought out a cheese and fruit platter because Gracie.loves.cheese.

We also had mini veggies burgers (left over from Russ' bday party) and blue soda with polka dot straws.

Here is Russ making the kids laugh (always).

Those watercolors are from Michaels and they are $5.00 regularly. That is a really good price for a good set of water colors and then when you add a 50% off coupon, they are a screaming deal. Each family got one.

Then it was time for cake (just covered with sprees candy)

Next she opened gifts from her family which included a vintage care bears set. That is what she asked for and it was something I had when I was little and I found one on ebay! It was a good birthday and I was glad she had such a good time with her little friends and cousins.

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