Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The rest of our social weekend

 Friday evening started with a trip to the school to meet William's teachers and see his class room.
It was fun to see him react to seeing some friends he hadn't seen in awhile. I could tell he was excited, but nervous about acting too excited.
Joseph and Gracie both wish they could stay and go to school. Soon kiddo's, soon.
Stopped by his old classroom, which was sweet. He had such a good year last year.
After that we headed home and put Joseph to bed and Russ' parents came over to watch the kids. We headed off to Native New Yorker to say goodbye to our friend Jesse who is leaving (left) for law school. 
And Russ had to show him a funny video of course.
I loved how Reggie would just get up and stand in font of the tv to watch a game.
And Mimi came! I have not seen her in so long, it was good to see her and I am glad to know it won't be too long until I see her again.
And I was glad she hummored me and let me take a picture of her with all those wings. It just looked really funny when the waiter came and set them down in front of her (she did not eat them all).

Russ headed home because he was getting up early the next morning to take William fishing so Chelsea and Reggie gave me a ride over to Diana's birthday party. We showed up just in time for the end of the game "mafia" and to witness Diana and Kayleen yelling at each other. 

 Apparently Kayleen is always mafia and very good at it and Diana just could not believe it.

That is what I think the caption of this picture could say, but it was  probably something like, "I can't help it if I'm good!" It was fun and I wish I had been there longer. 
Saturday I woke up and the boys had already left fishing. I took the other kids swimming. I love swimming when it is cloudy.
Then Connie came over and watched them while I went to a gardening class at the church. I am so pumped to garden, but first we need boxes...
After we all went thrifting can got Gracie an ice cream cone because she was so good.

Later that night we had some friends from our hood and Connie over for dinner and games.

Only we never stopped talking long enough to play any games. It was a really good time and I feel like we really lucked out in the neighbor department.

After everyone left I was fiddling around on my phone (you know, pinterest) and looked up to see Russ like this. We had been talking moments before.

After about 5 more minutes he looked like this.
Whew. What a weekend. And now I can post about the new school year.

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