Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 2

The challenge is to tuck and I tried to find something I have never tucked before, since it is a challenge and all.

This is a shirt that I got about three years ago at Forever 21 for our family pictures because I was barely pregnant and needed a loose fit. I only ever wear it one way.

I decided it should have been my remix piece and not the stripped shirt so I have given myself the personal challenge to also use it three times during the challenge.
The skirt (it is really shorts underneath) and belt are "vintage" (I have no idea how old they are).

- Posted by deb on the go.


  1. You loook like you are in pain, a little smile never hurt anyone.

  2. i love your skirt esp. you always look so cute and vintagey. I am gathering a few people for thurs. So far I have me for sure and 2 others for sure and 2 maybes!

  3. Vintage is always better. In my opinion, anyways. Way to go!



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