Friday, August 12, 2011


Now that the family room  is usable there is so much more space in the living room. We love it. It was a little cramped having all our furniture shoved in there. I now have the furniture placement where I like it, but there are still more things I would like to do before I would feel "done" (is that even possible?).
First of all the light blue walls (that were supposed to be gray) didn't turn out the way we planned. We don't hate them, but would like something else. Like navy with poly on top to make it shinny.
Then I want to do something more to the plain cream curtains. What? Well I don't know exactly, but something. It will come to me.
The picture wall has come a long and only one frame is empty! That only took half a year. The random frame sitting on the floor is not there for a reason. Mainly because I don't know where else to put it.

Now the piano is...covered in Williams art work. Just the way I like it. Side note: Joseph is really funny with those baby pictures up there. I can't tell if he likes them or not but her sure starts making funny noises when he sees them.
Then there is this wall. What to do with this wall? Just paint it? Navy or a different color? Do a cool art installation of some kind? Seriously, I. DO. NOT. KNOW! If you have any ideas, please send them my way. I think I would have more ideas if it wasn't mine.

It is some kind of wood paneling and right underneath that is a block wall (used to be the exterior wall, we think). We really could use some help. What would you do with it.
So all in all the living room to do list is:
- paint
- spruce up curtains (although after I paint I may not need to)
- get a real potted tree to put in front of the window
- get rug cleaned
- figure out what to do with that wall

That is not a bad to-do list...for next year:)


  1. i meant to tell you that it's looking really great.

    my house will probably be empty and lacking in decoration for awhile. still have nothing hung on the walls...

  2. Debbie, I think it looks so good. Maybe if you change the curtains you can move the rod up to the ceiling. I bet that would make the room feel bigger. And I think bookshelves would look really neat on that empty wall. Filled with antique books or styled up pretty :)

  3. I like your painted armoire! I hope mine turns out equally well!

  4. Ditto on bookshelves for the wall! Something architecturally interesting would totally make that room...maybe a wall of arched shelves a' la LGN ( She did another round up of shelves here: I'm totally digging the way some of them have framed art hung on the faces of the shelves...I so wish we had tall shelves to do that on!!

    The room looks great and I'm super jealous of your piano--the woods tones it brings in are lovely!

  5. Angela - yeah but when you do get things hung on the walls it is sure to be amazing.
    Jenna - I think you are right about the curtains. I think I will do that!
    Jenna and Holly - I agree that bookshelves would be good there, but the office (across the way from this room) already has built-ins that I need to fill and style. More might be too much. I loved LGN's bookshelves!



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