Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Evening irrigation

Monday night we got irrigation at 6:30. We had already been swimming that day, but the kids really wanted to play in it. So I let them and I put Joseph in it for the first time.

He sat by my feet for a long time. It was awhile before he became adventurous.

The big kids getting their faces wet.

Joseph could only watch them for so long before he wanted to join.

William and Gracie would play a game where they would pull each other to the ground. It amazes me how such a small amount of water can make the ground seem soft to them. They were acting like they were on a trampoline.

William would put his hair in and then flip it back. 

Joseph wanted so badly to go to "the hole", but he listened and sat back.

But he would put his hands into the bubbling water. I am glad I let them play even thought they were covered in grass and it meant they did not get to bed until late because we also had family home evening.
Speaking of family home evening, Gracie and William love to conduct the opening songs. Gracie makes me laugh cause she usually ends each song in a pose. Like this one - 

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  1. If it was warm enough here I would love to do that !



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