Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back to school

The Sunday before school started I decided to have a back to school dinner for William. Everyone we know already started school, so I had been seeing families having dinners and creating family themes and I decided it was a good thing to do. So we did it too.
I didn't do much planning or work for this, but I think it turned out just as nice if I had. 
I used some scrapbook paper that I got on super clearance at Micheal's and it always makes me feel good when I can actually use my "in-case-I-need-it-someday" purchases. I used left over napkins from Sam's birthday (there were exactly 4 left) and just folded and wrapped notebook paper around it.

Then I just grabbed some of the kids crayons and stuck them in some small jars and also had a jar full of pencils. These pencils are very precious to me (Lord of the Rings, anyone?) because they were my Grandma's and you can see that she sharpened them with a knife. I keep them in a special box.

Then I just grabbed some old books to set them on. Pretty dang easy and fast.

I also used some book pages to make a banner of our theme - Be True. A friend of mine used one of President Hinckley's "be's" and I thought that was a great idea. Each year we will work on a new "be". 

Russ and I both knew that this years theme should be "be true" because William is at such an impressionable age. Sometimes he laughs like his friends instead of himself and it drives me crazy. Not because I don't like their laugh, but because it is not his. I remind him everyday of the Dr. Sues quote, "Today you are you. That is truer than true. There is no one alive who is you-er than you." 
It is also nice cause the kids learned a song in primary called Be True and it says at the end, "be true and stand for the right." I try to teach my kids that no matter what anyone else is doing YOU do what is right, no matter what! Today when we were about to drop him off Gracie said, "remember, stand for the right."

We had one of their favorite dinner, Parmesan noodles with peas and pudding for dessert.

William accidentally dropped a pea in his water.

When I cleared off the table I found this at Gracie's seat. Apparently she thought it was funny.

The morning of the first day of school went smoothly at first and then it got a little hectic (I posted about it here), but not too bad.

I already posted it, but he said as I took his pictures, "it's like I am going to Hogwarts." I was in too big a rush  then to let the words sink in, but on the drive home I got emotional. First of all because he is so cool and I hope the other teachers and students recognize that. 

Secondly because I get so many mixed emotions sending him to school. I hope it is as magical as he envisions it to be. I hope he learns and has fun and makes great friends. And I hope he stays true to who he is: kind, funny, smart, friendly, and entertaining.
I know you can't even see it, but I realized as I took this picture last year I was wearing the exact same shirt. And I am sure that last time it was the shirt I wore to bed the night before. I am working of my fashion skills people.

Gracie misses him more this year and wishes she could go to school too. I will be starting Joy school with her soon and I think she will enjoy that. 
I am glad school has started again. William really enjoys (maybe needs) to be around all the other students. He thrives off of it. During the summer he could get very ornery, but that seems to be better when he is in school. It is also nice to have a schedule again. I didn't even realize how crazy this summer break has been until I left it behind. We all do better with a schedule. 
Alright William, have fun in the first grade!


  1. I love the whole "be true" thing and the Dr. Suess quote. Such a great and important thing to instill in your children. I love that Gracie told William, "Remember, stand for the right." That is beyond awesome and adorable. P.S. I'm loving Gracie's fashion sense. :)

  2. I didn't know you had grandma's pencils, but I knew they were hers the second I saw them.
    What and no I am not getting emotional AGAIN.

  3. LOVE this whole dinner you styled. Great job. And I'm sure that he will be loved and adored at school, he is clearly a darling boy!!



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