Monday, August 9, 2010

The first day of the rest of his life

On this day, 8-9-10, William went to school for the first time. He had not had preschool except a joy school we did in Flagstaff, so this was a big deal for he and I. But he is ready and I am ready. This picture pretty much sums up his feelings.

I am not sure that Gracie is ready, though. She didn't cry, but after we got home from dropping him off she said, "we forgot William!". I told her that we didn't forget him and that we would get him later she furrowed her brow and said, "but I want him." Don't get me wrong, these two fight quite a bit, but they love each other. And these pictures seriously melt my heart.

They will miss each other and that has probably been the hardest part about sending him to school.

And sure, I am going to miss my boy. But every time I have started to feel sad about him going he gives me a reason to be glad. He is ready for it and needs it.

Russ stayed home for the event of taking him to school and I was really glad he was there. It was nice not to have to do it alone.

Here we are at the school and he is getting his name tag on.

We said goodbye and sent him off to the play ground. Then we hung around awhile to watch. He went and stood in line to climb the ladder for the monkey bars and I thought "what is he doing he does not know how to do monkey bars". I watched him climb the ladder, look at the monkey bars and climb back down. Funny kid.

Then he saw us again on his way to his back pack and just waved and said good bye again. Then his buddy Owen showed up so I had to take some more pictures. They showed up at the perfect time because I was about to loose it.

Gracie and Elliot. Pretty soon it is going to be them.

When I went to get William he was happy to see me and tell me about his day. He seemed to have a lot of fun and I hope it always will be fun for him. I hope he will always make friends as easily as he does now and I hope he will always love learning like he does now. He is growing up and in turn so am I. It is hard turning your child over to someone else, but I know that he is ready. I am going to miss him.


  1. I almost just started crying, I am not even kidding.

  2. Oh how exciting! I can't believe how fast he has grown-up! Does his teacher happen to be Sis. (Mrs.) Hunt? If so, she's my friend's mom & cousins/aunt or something to the Fairbanks. :)



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