Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ready to be done

and I don't mean with this pregnancy. I am ready to be done with my kidney/urinary/bladder problems. (about 30 weeks)
A day after this picture was taken I had a midwife appointment and my urine showed up with blood in it. We sent it in and found out that there was no infection (good news) but that meant it was probably a kidney stone again (bad news) Wednesday I started having pain in my bladder, but that was only when the babies head would push on the bladder. I tried to take the midwifes advice again and drink lemon juice, but it was hard to do when I didn't have a lot of pain or symptoms. I would just forget about it a lot. Over the weekend my legs started cramping up a lot and I couldn't stand in one spot for too long. I figured it was probably coming soon. Sunday night I started getting pretty intense pain in my bladder and then in my lower back started hurting a lot. We got ourselves home and I got in a hot bath and it started to help. I was getting uncomfortable so I got out, but that was a mistake because then everything just hurt worse. There was no position I could get in that would relieve the pain. The only think that helped was if Russ would rub it. I was up pretty much up all night. I started throwing up because the pain was so bad. Every hour or so I would feel like I really needed to pee so I would try and hardly anything would come out, because I was throwing it all up. In the morning I realized there was no way I was going to be able to pee this thing out if I couldn't keep any fluids down. So I went to the ER. I won't go into too much detail but they gave me an IV after a while I went pee a lot and that felt so good. And there it was, a huge kidney stone. I think it was blocking anything from getting through and I could not keep down enough fluids to build up enough pressure to get it out.
Russ went into work late so he could help get the kids taken care of and me to the hospital. Our neighbor let William come over early and get picked up for the car pool at her house. Grandpa Christensen came and got Gracie so she could stay with them all day. Russ came to the hospital for lunch and was able to talk to the doctor with me. Connie found out I there and came to visit me on her lunch break. I also called her when I was released and she came and took me home. I got home right before William came home from school and when I called my in laws about coming to get Gracie they told me they would come get William and they could stay until Russ could get them after work (7:00pm). It was nice to get some rest, because my body was really tired. I think I was clenching most my muscles all they time that I was in pain. Well, not the whole time but enough that I was very tired. I feel so blessed to have so many around me that are willing to help and it feels good because I know that those that helped were not my only options.
So hopefully that will be the end of these kinds of problems because there are just a few things I would like to get done before this baby comes sometime in mid October.
  • buy a car for Russ to drive to work
  • Finish the trim in the kitchen
  • recover my Grandmas rocking chair
  • better organize the office/craft room
  • make a budget and stick to it
  • make stuff for and get ready for vintage yard sale
  • get old cabinets and refinish them for laundry room
  • organize laundry room and food storage
  • get food storage
  • put a new bathtub in the bathroom
  • paint dresser and toy fridge in kids room
  • paint and decorate master bedroom
  • hang porch swing
I think that is all. Doesn't sound like too much, does it? That doesn't even count the maintinance of our huge pool, huge yard, and house.
Man, I wish there was two of me and that one of us was not pregnant.
I do realize that it will not all get done, but I plan on sitting down with Russ today and putting them in order of most importance and making a goal to get them done. Now, no more kidney stones or any other problems to slow me down. Full speed ahead.
p.s. going to the hospital only made Russ and I more excited about the fact that we are planning on having this baby at home.


  1. Yikes! Kidney stones are the worst!! Andrew gets them frequently, and I hate seeing him in so much pain. I can't even imagine going through it while pregnant! We've found an herbal supplement called Chanca Piedra that comes in drops. It is supposed to break the stones up so they are easier to pass. The last few kidney stones seem to have been a lot less painful because of it. I'm guessing that the lemon juice is supposed to do the same thing??

  2. I'm so sorry about the kidney stones. That super sucks. If you need some help with something, let me know. I don't always have a car during the day, but usually in the evenings I do. And after about 7:30 when Wes goes to bed, I have plenty of time and a car. (And I'm an excellent organizer by the way)



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