Thursday, August 5, 2010

Birthday Tea Party

Gracie turned 3!
When I asked her what she wanted for her party she said, "pink!"
In fact, that is what she said when I asked what she wanted for her birthday.
Good morning to the birthday girl. I made this birthday crown for her and had it sitting on her bed for when she woke up. We also hung a canopy above her bed while she was sleeping, but I forgot to take a picture of that.She had her favorite sugar cereal for breakfast.
Then I realized that I needed to go pick some stuff up from Connie and that she lives pretty close to a Krispy Kreme so we went and got Connie and then went and got some doughnuts. Here she is with her beloved strawberry milk.

Birthday kisses.
She was so happy all day. Later that afternoon we had some friends come over and swim and then have a little tea party with cake. Nothing big, but lovely for the little girls.

She loved pouring her own tea (crystal light).

Helping all the girls put their gloves on.
I don't think Gracie minded one bit that her gloves were too big.

I thought that maybe the boys would go watch a movie, but they wanted tea and gloves even.
The first gift Gracie opened was a handmade doll that she sleeps with every night. Thanks Rachel.
Then a bag of makeup!
She unloaded it...
and started putting it on.
She did not want to open any more presents she just wanted to paint her nails. I painted one and then tried to get her to move on.
Here she is pouting about having to open more presents.
These are stickers and a book that came a long with Connie's mixed cd for Gracie. It is full of princess songs and she loves it so much. She just wants to sit in the car so she can listen to it.
I love this picture because it is capturing one (of the many) moments where I had to tell William to back up and chill out. He was driving me crazy.
I loved this posed picture Gracie did.
The boys riding Gracie's princess bike. She wasn't that excited about it because she saw me buy it weeks ago, I have just been hiding it from her. She also still needs to learn how to ride it.

Now Daddy is bringing out the cake.

I love these smiles. All I want for their birthdays is for them to be so happy. And she was.

Here is the cake. It is supposed to be checkered. It kinda is.

We measured her a day later and saw that she actually has grown over three inches this year. She is getting bigger and it seems that just this week I have noticed more grown up conversations coming from her. Now she just needs to get potty trained and get rid of her passey. Maybe after the baby comes:)

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