Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 12 Dressing up jeans

So I dressed up my jeans with a cardigan as a shirt and a belt. 
I am mainly just happy about these new jeans I got at last chance yesterday. 

They are high waisted (no one is happier about this new trend than me) and soft and comfy. And I think they are cute. I can't wait to wear them all winter long.

Yesterday night I was out to dinner with Connie and Mimi for Connie's birthday and we got to talking about what has been keeping Mimi so busy.
Have you seen the Mormon Bachelorette?
Mimi has been editing for it and doing a wonderful job. She told me about this seasons first date and how they went to Liberty Market (where we ourselves were eating) and skateland (where I was on Wednesday night). I went home and watched it and ended up watching like 5 episodes (they are short, like under 10 minutes). It was funny and sometimes painful to watch (dating is just weird), and I am excited to get caught up and see who she picks. Did you know the couple from season one actually got married? I will admit that I was surprised it worked. If you want to watch season three and talk about it with me, I won't complain.


  1. Debbie those jeans look sooo good on you!

    Thanks for the shout out! You're such a good friend. I love that you said sometimes it was painful and that dating is weird. I couldn't agree more! If anyone knows Ashley's painful dating moments, it's me. Thanks again. :)

  2. Thanks for the support, Debbie! We really appreciate it. <3

  3. Are those skinny jeans? I can't tell but in the last pic they look like they might just be!! :) They are super cute. Look....just a period. ha ha



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