Sunday, August 14, 2011

The beginning of a loooong weekend

So I guess it wasn't the start of the weekend since it was Thursday, but it felt like it. Our awesome friends the Reyna's offered us tickets to go see the Decemberists with them. We didn't really know the band, but it was a  night out with great people so we were all over it. Connie came to babysit and played a game of Harry Potter spells before we left.

 We went to a yummy Thai restaraunt on Main (can't remember the name) and got some really, and I mean really, good food (can't remember the name). I do know that is was not the "Evil Jungle Princess" although the name did tempt me. I think I got Pad See Ew?? Anyway, it was so good (and your welcome for being so helpful with my stellar memory).

Then we walked over to the Mesa Arts Center for the show. 

Waiting for the show to start. Isn't Jessica beautiful? True story - she is in Young Women's with me and when one the young women saw her for the first time she said, "Who is she? She's Hot!"
At any rate the show was great. Way better than listening to their recordings (not that the recordings are bad), they are definitely one to see live. We also had great seats on the balcony in chairs! With no one in front of or behind us! (besides the dancing usher) So we never had to stand. That made me happy and that makes me sound old, but guess what, I am. Thanks again Abe and Jess, for keeping us cool. It was fun.


  1. Nunthaporn. and its our favorite place to go for date night! Yum!

  2. Dang! I love the decemberists! Wish I would have known about that show. Youd think since I work at the mesa art center I would know whats happening...but I never do. And the thai restaurant you went to Im pretty sure is called Nunthaporns. I LOVE that place. So good. Their fresh rolls and shrimp and cheese rolls are to die for.

  3. Oh man! The Decemberists! Such an awesome band. Looks like you guys had fun.



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