Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas with the Hustons 2011

Who is still blogging about Christmas? Oh right, just me. Two more post and then on to New years. Whew. After church on Christmas we headed over to my mom and dads for our Christmas breakfast. It is tradition, every year. It was delicious (I love breakfast food) and then we did a nativity.
Ryan trying to figure out the camera before the kids came out.

Here come Joseph

and sweet Mary

they didn't quite understand where we were telling them to sit. oh well.

The sheperd

The angels

and the wise men on the best looking camel I have every seen.

Russell the camel has 2 humps.

Then there was an addition this year where Elmo comes bearing a stroller for the new born babe.

Then everyone opened some gifts and Gracie got some stickers to use as ear rings.

Connie got the coveted steering wheel cover

Look how pretty they are.

then we all got to watch a movie about Miles. It was Marks gift to Ashley and it was so beautiful. I don't think an eye was dry by the end.

And then Joseph hit Mark in the face with tupperware lids. He really loves Mark. We all loved having them around this holiday and William even told them, "I don't want you guys to go back I want you move back in with us." They really miss their cousin Sam.


  1. We miss you guys too!!! We were sad to take Sam away from his cousins......:(

  2. I haven't even posted on my blog about Christmas, so I'm going to go ahead and one-up you on this one. ;-)



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