Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dear Joseph

Oh my sweet, cute, fat little boy. I love you so so so much. You bring so much sunshine into our home. 

Sometime around December 4th you started walking and have been making us laugh ever since. Your word "toddle" describes it perfectly but also you sorta resemble a gorilla/Frankenstein. Basically it is awesome.

You are so much fun. You are drinking whole milk and seem to take to it just fine. You drink more and eat solids less and I am trying to get better about that. You love to eat, but if you are in a bad mood you will refuse food which just shows how stubborn you are. You rarely let people who are babysitting you feed you or give you a bottle.

You sleep pretty good at night. Sometimes you wake up or have a hard time going to sleep because William and Gracie are in your room. You are so good about being flexible with your naps. Many times you have to miss one and you are so good about it.

You have learned to wave and say "hi" and it is so cute. Your little fingers, it kills me every time. If someone says "hi" to you, you don't usually say it back. You just do it to people who aren't paying attention to you.

You can say Dada, hi, uh oh, whas daaaa?, dis (this), no no no (sounds more like nah nah nah), papa, and I think you have said Gracie, but I am not sure. You refuse to say mama.

You love sitting in between peoples legs and feeling like you are in an enclosed place. You love love love playing outside. You can go down any slide at the park by yourself without tipping over and you love it.

You love making messes and taking things out of cupboards. I have found a few random items placed lovingly in the kitchen drawers by you. I call you my pack rat sometimes because you love to pack and put things in other things. Like the time you packed your cousins shoe full of rubber chips in my parents back yard. Or putting french fries in a crayon box. If any one item can fit in another item you will put it there.

I can NOT imagine our family without you. I am so glad you are a part of it. I love watching you grow up and getting to know your personality and I am so glad I get to be your mom.


  1. "sunshine" is the perfect description for a one year old.

    don't mind me - i just signed up to be your most recent blog stalker!

  2. Oooohhhh, cuteness! He is a funny little man, for sure.



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