Monday, April 28, 2008

The newest members of our family

When we wanted potty training William we would bribe him with all sorts of stuff. One of those things was fish. We told him that if he would go poo on the potty he could bring fish home. Well he wouldn't do it and when he was finally potty trained he had forgotten about it and I breath a sigh of relief. Until last week when we were at Wal-mart and he remembered. So there I was with the two kids trying to figure out all that we needed. Luckily a fish expert Wal-mart employee came to my aid. William picked out two orange fish and no surprise their names are Marlin and Nemo. After Russ got home we went and exchanged the tank that I got for a bigger one (they were the same price) and got one more fish. I forget what they are called. I call them sucker fish (the kind that clean the tank). First William wanted to name him Gootie Gootie Gootie then changed it to Tree Life. We convinced him to name him Poo Peter after Peter Pan (a new found love of Williams) and after his main function. The tank is kinda sparse right now but we will gradually work on that. I want to get an awesome sunken ship to go in it but I don't think I will find what I am looking for.

I am not sure who is more excited about them-Russ or William. Gracie really likes them too and I like it a lot too. A low maintenance pet and it is just relaxing to watch them. They didn't even die when went out of town. Sha-veet! (That's for you Mimi!)

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  1. I wanted to ask William about his fish but decided I better not. Just in case they died.



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