Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers Day 2014

Mother's Day started with William getting dropped off after him one day Disneyland trip with his 4-h club. Below is the only picture I have. He got to meet Mickey! He wasn't feeling well so he came home and just slept and slept. The dog we were sitting, Thor, was happy to see him but not so happy that all he wanted to do was sleep. 

Gracie let me braid her hair and it is long enough for one braid!

Mother's Day in the mothers room. Church had nice messages and cheesecake:)

Gracie made me a sweet card. She had Connie get her the candies and she glued the bag in with a glue stick. 
Connie came and joined us for dinner 
Gracie made a flower out if her French toast 
We got to use our new piggy platter 
William made a fire out of his French toast
We ended the night with a game of pictionary. Joseph drew a sun and HAD to draw all the lines.

I really liked Gracie's TRex 

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