Friday, May 2, 2014

Inspiring art

I had the amazing opportunity to go to my friend Beth painting class. It was her first one we spent time mixing colors on the color will I love that. So relaxing for me to just make the colors of paint brush that I don't even know that it actually need to paint anything. In fact I didn't, I had a really hard time committing to putting anything down on canvas.

I did however take a picture of one of my favorite pieces of Beth's that I would like to try and copy. I feel like I need to try painting other paintings before I try painting actual things.

Before I went to the class I told the kids that I was going to go and they had a lot of questions for me about it. I explain to them that I've taken art in high school and really enjoyed it and just never found time for it since (or made time for it). I told them about how I do a self-portrait wireless Hyskell by looking in a mere. The next morning after my painting class I woke up to find that Gracy had looked in the mirror to draw her phone self-portrait. Isn't it amazing?

Joseph decided to do a self-portrait too.
I also bought a couple of prints of Beth's. They are both paintings of the Savior and I love them so much. When I brought them home William was so enamored with them. He would show them to everyone at would come over and he was even inspired enough to draw a picture of his own.

I was also inspired to put a picture of it as my phone screen to help remind me to use the power of my Savior in my everyday life. It has helped. I am amazed how even just regular stresses of the day become easier when I call on him for help. 

I love the way we can inspire each other. 

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