Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Randoms

This is how I put Louise to sleep it's the best.

One day I was trying to get some laundry folded and this teething baby was being so fussy I decided to give her a bottle of cold water and she loved chewing on it, at least for little while. Too bad I didn't end up getting laundry done because I took pictures of her instead.

I couldn't believe when I walked into the family room and saw this. She never falls asleep out of the blue on someone's lap.

Russ was making me and Gracie laugh at lunch one day when he was trying to get a peek at Louise's teeth coming in.

I had to laugh as I was walking through the house picking stuff up and I saw the man from operation tucked nicely and Gracies bed.

We are so glad when daddy comes home.

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